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  1. how cute. Dani is so cutely small, that though she has that mature feel of hers, we can still feel like she's still a child. Just like f(x) Luna at the beginning. But that's definitely not a bad thing, indeed. fighting, Dani-ah ~
  2. it's good that she doesn't pay attention to what's written. people can be quite stupid and totally out of context doing their critics... and for a newbie, those can be quite harsh and put a lot of pressure so that she can handle it. Do your best, Areum. your voice is deliciously addicting
  3. i'm certainly looking forward to future Hwayoung! acting in comedies? I never thought of that, but it can definitely work out fighting, hwayoung. i really think hip-hop is your style and your skills have became better. keep trying hard !
  4. Eunjung-unnie, you're already an essential singer. I see myself watching videos of you singing when I only feel like it! Of course you shouldn't stop making an effort to improve, but I think you already reached that dream of yours. Though, of course, you can always go even further
  5. Boram-unnie and I have something in common we like people with great smile, hehehehe. Boram's quite cheerful, indeed. And her tiny body is one of her most cute features. she ca also be as much feminine (if not more) than SNSD Jessica!
  6. Cute Qri's selcas ^-^ whooa, her self-phone seems a bling-bling. So princess-like, just like Qri
  7. Soyeon seems to be quite a reasonable person, so everything she says must be truth. The matter about the new maknaes, I totally agree. People (or maybe just the press who's popping the issue) are too worried about them and their young age. I mean, they know what they're doing and they had an acceptable definition what T-ara is and what it's up to when they audition! Soyeon fits great as a leader... don't be so humble, Soyeon-unnie ;p
  8. did Boram's mom made some delicious food for them? how cute :3 i see some mommy homemade delicious kimchi over there, haha
  9. huum, that seems like roly poly... and i got my confirmation over the outfits, probably copacabana?! or not ^o) love u t-ara unnies
  10. t-ara and vitamin water, two things i adoreeeee! i could finally spot Areum in this picture, how happy am i?!
  11. their outfits *-* i'm completely drawling over them. principaly over hyominnie (not because its her, but i just love the socks and the shirt, hehehehe) it's pretty obvious how Boram is so petite in the last picture, hehe. how cute
  12. huum, it's still a bit difficult for me to "spot" Areum-unnie yet. But i believe it will change soon, hehehe hyominnie's laugh, aw :3
  13. wooah, the photobook it amazing! i loved the pattern on the first picture made by the dresses and my favourite one is the one where hyominnie is posing (a)
  14. how cute, our t-ara unnies *-* eunjung, hyomin, soyeon, sarangeyo :3
  15. i'm totally into classical music and orchestras, so if T-ara is having a performance accompanied by this huge orchestra i'm sure i'm going to love it. besides, they are even going to demonstrate their vocal skills, which makes me even more thrilled!!! t-ara, go go go
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