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  1. She's so flawless ;; and the way she smiled at the (lucky) person holding the camera in the fansign fancam is ajdhfasdjhaahaghaakajn *_*
  2. I'm the jealous one now!!!! But i'm happy for hyomin really yay even though i still think WGM china version is kinda weird I hope t-ara will become more popular in china!
  3. YES FINALLY BEST NEWS OF THE DAY!!! I'm glad t-ara got their wish, and yay we finally have an identity now! I really like the name Diadem, but i'll be satisfied with whatever the fanclub's called as long as it doesn't sound too dumb lol. Wishing for many members in their fanclub!
  4. I lol-ed at cute hwayoung about how she counted hyoyoung's money out of the corner of her eye and then pretended to look pitiful haha. Sounds like t-ara's gonna be busy for really long i hope their 10 days break is still going to happen!! Will always support the girls no matter what
  5. Yay they're finally getting a break! Although 10 days still seem really short to me considering that they've been working non stop for months but it's better than nothing at least ^^ I hope the girls rest well during their break!
  6. I really hope they win triple crown with Lovey Dovey! Already jealous of everyone who gets to see them on the subway if they win TT
  7. OMG THANK GOODNESS. Was just freaking out about the 8th member lol don't think I can accept her if it happened because I really like t-ara just the way it is now,
  8. ;____; I didn't get to watch their performance on Inki but I bet she must have been really tired. I hope they'll all get a well deserved break soon after Lovey Dovey. Get well soon Jiyeon our poor bb
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