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  1. loving hyomin's hair, probably a biased choice but who cares!
  2. i wonder who's going to be the next leader? lol seems fun to keep switching it up
  3. agreed but i think i remember reading only qri will be featured in it as with the jiyeon and hyomin from cry cry
  4. aww that's so cute, just reading the topic thread i literally imagined Soyeon prancing around as a 5 year old =D
  5. I just had a strange thought after reading this thread, what if the two did Gnomeo and Juliet in english with their not-so perfect english lol
  6. yes hyomin and jiyeon look amazing =D some of these rings are really nice, could rock them even as a guy lol
  7. omg jiyeon she looks so cute onew s lucky to be mcing with her lol =D
  8. agree with many that the last picture of the 93ers are just in one word, awesome!
  9. lol awww can't wait to check this episode out =D hyomin looks so cute, would be awesome if she became a WGM cuople!
  10. can't wait to catch this episode also hoping for the show to feature the rest of the girls sooner or later as well =D
  11. i agree with a lot of people saying that qri's hairstyle is pretty amazing here. definately missing jiyeon =(
  12. oh wow they're all so beautiful in the wedding dresses, even noh sayeon lol
  13. can;t wait for this episode, recently caught the episode with jjiyeon on it, t-ara fighting!
  14. ohhhhh can't wait for this episode the three looking stunning awesome girls, awesome song, awesmome show =D
  15. don't cancel ittttttttt! where else could we get a unending amount of laughter from the 93ers!
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