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  1. Cool, I so want to see it! Saw the teaser already and now I'm going to watch it!
  2. yes, thank goodness! I think they also have no need for an 8th member. 7 is enough for me! hehehe!
  3. Yes, Finally an official fan club! I also, do hope they do make a concert soon!
  4. She looks so beautiful in the hanbak. I think their acting skills are great since must of them did some type of acting in music videos, movies, drama's, and musicals.
  5. I saw the dance version and I it!! i 'm looking forward to see lovey dovey though!!
  6. aww and I was looking forward to it. Eager to see what happened to jiyeon.
  7. Cool and interesting! Look forward to it! Hope it's turns out good.
  8. Wow! What a fierce and fashionable bling style, lol! I like it!
  9. Where can we watch this in eng sub? I've been trying to find it, but no luck. T_T Anyways, I like their fashion, it looks nice.
  10. Oh my god!!! This looks so cool and about to cry b/c this looks so awesome. Can't wait for their realease!! Loving the concept!!! <3
  11. Congratulationsand thanks for the updates! But is their any other sources that you guys upload online streaming? Cause dailymotion is kind of slow on my computer.
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