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  1. hmm so they will release 'Jeonwon Diary' in 5 versions w/ 5 diff. rappers.. hmm this could be a good publicity since i myself is interested who's rap will be better Chris Brown, Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, T-Pain & Ray J.. BTW only Ray J, i wasn't that much familiar but all the other 4, i have had listen to some of their songs & love it.. their fan and some other hip-hop fans might be interested in buying or listening to the 5 versions of the song just to see who's rap will be best.. this could actually sparks a discussion between fans.. lol and this could either end up as good or bad publicity but either way this will surely broaden their fanbase internationally..

  2. i am not really sure if this was good news or bad news.. i guess it's kind of both.. good news because of course Chris Brown is a big name he could totally help T-ara be more recognize & well known worldwide but this could also be a bad news since CB has a really bad reputation because he beat Rihanna up and was proven guilty.. i am sure all the knetizens will bash T-ara more (well not that they aren't already).. this may end up by them having more bad image in Korea but this could also mean them having the opportunity to widen their fan base internationally.. so it's kind of a double edge sword..

    but i wanna stay positive so maybe this will bring good.. i mean who knows after their collab w/ Chris Brown maybe some other Hollywood stars will take notice & interest in them.. that could atleast be the start.. plus even though i don't like Chris as a person (because he beat up Rihanna then cheat on her) i still like some of him music & even listens to them.. proves that international fans don't really care much about image if they like the song they buy it.. so if they like T-ara's music then they will buy it no matter what scandal they hear or no matter what knetizens bash them..

    ugh... what the hell did I just wake up too. I was sleeping normally... fine... at 11 pm. And all of a sudden, I woke up fifteen minutes ago at 3 am in the morning for no reason at all. Casually checked my twitter, and WHAT!? And found this!! Omgod! It was my woman senses... telling me that something horrible was going on... smh... smh...

    I enjoy his music. But I don't support him as a fan. I can see this going one or two ways... Maybe netizens will turn around and be like, "oh no we have to protect our girls from his evil grasp!?" or "birds of a feather... flock together...."

    This is really so random. And how is dani and chris brown "acquaintances!?" Someone EXPLAIN!!!!

    oh gosh... this is so utterly... interesting. There is a part of me that is thinking... that nothing is going to happen from this and that ccm jumped the gun on this one... ahhh... CCM! WHY YOU NO GIVE OUR GIRLS AND THEIR FANS A REST! we're tired fighting battles... T_T let us refresh....

    well according to allkpop article..

    "According to Core Contents Media, the T-ara members were able to get in touch with Chris Brown thanks to their upcoming member Dani. Dani has apparently known Chris Brown since her elementary school days, and hearing that she is currently in the States, Chris Brown invited her to his performance in San Jose, California for a radio station concert event, ‘94.9 Wild Jam‘.

    After the concert, Dani met up with Brown and when she mentioned that she’s training as a member of T-ara, he showed immediate interest as he’s been taking a closer look at K-pop lately thanks to Psy."

    so apparently she knows him since elementary (just don't know how) and upon learning that Dani is in states, Chris invited her to 94.9 Wild Jam.. so there must be where she showed the T-ara N4 video since Ryan Lewis & Macklemore and Trey Songz also watched the MV..

  3. I think having a sold out showcase despite all the controversies and all the support their getting made T-ara so happy already.. And it's for the better they decline so that some Knetizens won't make a big deal out of it again.. i also heard / read some where that Hong Kong queens & even China Queens is really making an effort for this showcase buying lights sticks, placards & fanchants to shout...

    i think it is a good idea to promote first on other countries before making a comeback again in Korea.. Korea haven't really forgotten the bullying controversy yet so lying low there first was the best idea... Even Khun whose controversy were pretty much forgotten already is still not visible in public because JYP knows it's best for him to lie low for a bit...

  4. watching the fancams , it doesn't look that bad yes, but fancams (or the one taking the video) is just at one side/part of the audience & being a T-ara fan they took fancams & cheered but what about the audience as a whole. i think the article was talking about that.. I really felt bad for T-ara, korean people are so rude & harsh to do that.. this happen to SNSD too before & it was even more serious and worst, the SNSD black ocean that happened twice on 2008 (on Dream Concert & SMTown Shanghai Concert) but look after their very humiliating Black Ocean, SNSD rose to fame on 2009 (the year after their Black Ocean incident) where their release their most successful song "Gee" & also the year were they release "Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)" which is also one of SNSD most famous songs..

    If SNSD made it through their Black Ocean twice (which was way worst than T-ara) and made a comeback that made them the #1 girl group then i'm pretty sure T-ara will get though this too & made comeback that will bring them on TOP..

  5. well that's what you get from an antis.. "Little T-ara" dancing w/ T-ara, they criticized.. "Little T-ara" will only dance the robot dance in the beginning for 35 sec, negative reaction.. whatever you do you will never please this netizens :rolleyes:

    anyway so excited for T-ara's comack tomorrow.. i know they'll do great.. but a little worried though we all know they still have a lot of antis.. i just hope this antis won't show up live on M! Countdown and do something stupid.. T-ARA FIGHTING!!!

  6. not Eunjung sing the high note but Areum? :huh:

    i think it's Eunjung, it sounded like her.. plus on 4:22 you can see she was the one on the middle and acting like he was singing some high notes.. i think it may look like Areum because she was the first to appear during the high note part but you can see that when they show jungie her actions shows she's doing the high note plus Areum just done the rap part it's actually hard to catch up your breathing and do a high note right after the rap so i don't they would have given it to her..

    but anyway whoever did it doesn't matter because it sounded good..

  7. Don't forget:

    #8 ROund & Round :D

    Yes plus ranking have change just now.. 7 MVs of T-ara is now on Top 20!!

    #1 Sexy Love Teaser

    #2 Day by Day

    #6 Swish or Round & Round

    #7 Lovey Dovey

    #9 Roly-Poly

    #11 Roly-Poly Copacabana

    #14 Cry-Cry Ballad Version

    Queens is really on fire.. LOL keep voting :) LET'S PUT ALL THEIR MVs ON TOP 10!!!

    edit: ^^ T-ara 7 MVs now all on Top 10 plus Yayaya at 15 and Login at 17..

  8. Why is everybody against Day & Night? Am I the only one anticipating it? Give Areum a chance. If we're going to be so divided, the Queen's fandom will fall apart eventually. Besides, I have listened to Shannon's cover of Phantom of the Opera, and I must say she is definitely a talent.

    i am anticipating it too.. when Hwayoung first started in T-ara,, i didn't really like her but when i first see Areum i like her immediately already.. i don't know there's something in her that i really like that even i doesn't know what is that something LOL.. it's like when i first see Tiffany of SNSD, i have like her immediately (she's the first SNSD member i knew) even when she has so much antis before & she is the most bash SNSD member i still like her & i don't even know why.. so after i like her i learn of SNSD & became a SONE after then she has been my bias till now.. And now she have gain much much more fans & less antis even though there are still antis..

    so i have a feeling that i am going to really like Areum.. she might even become one of my favorite members.. but let's see.. before i'm already an E.L.F. even before Kyu join SuJu and Donghae is my bias but after Kyuhyun suddenly join he became my bias & until now he still is.. E.L.F was also against him joining before like most Queens is against Areum joining saying Yesung & Ryeowook is already the main vocals no need to add Kyu (if i'm not mistaken Areum is added for vocals too) but what happen now?? a lot of E.L.F bias is Kyu and is one of the most popular member & is very recognized for his vocals..

  9. OMG i am so nervous with this come back.. they need to succeed and make sexy love a success no matter what.. this maybe their only chance to shut the haters up because if 'sexy love' flops you can already imagine how netizens would mock T-ara & gang up on them,, this is a matter of make it or break it for them.. But what i am most nervous is they're going head to head w/ GD.. don't underestimate V.I.P. and Bigbang esp. GD he got a huge fanbase.. but as much as i love GD and me being a V.I.P i wanted T-ara to top all charts & win on music programs because they need this the most.. i can never imagine myself saying i wanted GD to lose but if it meant T-ara winning (and antis shutting up) then so be it..

  10. i think Qri is going to be the next leader.. She and Jiyeon is the only one who hasn't lead yet (it's pretty impossible to choose Areum or Dani).. And it's more likely they choose Qri since Jiyeon is in bad light now in people view while Qri was actually the member who got less bash.. If you read people comments it's always like "T-ara are all bitches and bullies, except Qri", "Qri is the only one who didn't bully Hwayoung", "Hwa has selcas w/ mostly Qri because she's her only friend" etc.

    So people accept Qri more than the others.. there will be less bash if she leads next compared if it's Jiyeon,, netizens would probably ganged up on T-ara again saying they will became more bitches if the queen b*tch leads them.. I am not saying Jiyeon is a b*tch but that is what netizens & people in korea think now.. Safest choose to be the leader next is Qri..

  11. if only KKS has a brain and think like her then maybe he would have known what to say and handle the T-ara situation rather than releasing interview where he kept contradicting himself, kicking Hwayoung out etc..

    i applaud her,, her words were very wise and the way she put it.. It is indeed not enough to judge a person base on tweets & sms conversation and kicking them in the drama won't solve the issue / problem but would only make the situation worst like adding fuel to the fire..

    i am so happy and thankful for Soyeon that she atleast get a decent production team for her first drama.. atleast they didn't kick her out & they seems to understand her situation base on this & writer of HL interview.. well let's not forget 1000th Man support for Hyomin too..

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