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  1. Just wanna post this pic cuz it wasn't on the gallery I actually find Nichkhun the cutest w/ glasses among all of them ) Love him so much on the second photo......
  2. i think it's a good idea to put up a cafe but yeah if it's based on Coffee House then will it be Book Cafe too?? hmm, it'll be good if the artist are indeed be the waitresses sometimes even just during the opening,, i'm sure the cafe will be SOO FULL.......
  3. @YuYI yeah,, i was like that's what they call ugly duckling??? huh? they must be kidding,, She's so damn cute even w/ that big eyeglasses.... When i see this photo i was like "Eunjung's like the cutest thing ever"......
  4. i could understand what 5Dolls is feeling,, it must have hurt them to know that they still need T-ara to get more attention....... They probably wanted to get people to know them because of their ability & not because they do a collaboration w/ T-ara members....... I mean let's admit it some people watch they performance because their performing w/ T-ara and they must have know it too........ but even though i could understand them i am still a bit disappointed about their comments regarding T-ara,, first the one that they wanted to surpass T-ara's popularity & now they were sad,, i can't help but feel that they should atleast be happy that T-ara help them or they should have not just tell in the interview that they were sad cuz T-ara might read their interview and what do you think would they feel? They were very happy to be collaborating w/ 5dolls but their sad.....
  5. Can i ask what is the name of the 2 girls on each side??? i know the other one is Hyoyoung,, Hwayoung's twin but who is the other one??? I just fine them so pretty
  6. Eunjung so pretty,, love the sunglasses OMG,, Boram is soo cute...... i actually wanted to pinch her cheeks
  7. Eunjung & Jiyeon is so cute together ) i totally love the both of them
  8. haha Hyomin is soo cute,, even her rubber shoes have different laces
  9. wahhh T-ara also going to Thailand? hehe So many idols departing for Bangkok.......
  10. ahh me too,, before Spris CF,, i used to love TaecJung but now i think i love SooJung more
  11. @marinai yeah,, and she also look shock cuz there were so many people........ Love the 2nd pic though Eunjung look like she's hiding in KSH's back )
  12. @kimty,, yeah i agree cuz Taec always stare at her too ;P I love SooJung so cute )
  13. Congratulations to Eunjung ) I'm so happy for her although i don't know the work of goodwill ambassador,, i do know that it's a good thing )
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