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  1. Loooool at the newest update Eunjung and Jiyeon look like a gagsters or something XD Aaaaaghh now I really cant wait!!!
  2. I heard somewhere that the producers of this album are the ones who produced b2st's music, if it's true then its going to be epic i adore b2st's music t-ara fighting ill support u no matter what And I cant wait for your next hit
  3. she is still beautiful no matter what but i feel like punching the makeup artist >.<
  4. they look beautiful here im really hoping for a strong comeback, I want a song like ma boo or falling u not like bo peep and yayaya please t-ara please!!
  5. woow she looks so cute and beautiful especially next to kim soohyun they make a really cute couple the 14th gif is my favorite he couldn't look at her eyes lol
  6. I knew it she already said that a couple of times, waa she's just so cute dancing for her boyfriend I hope she will do this cute dance infront of Lee Jang Woo too so we can see her
  7. She looks so cute in these pictures!! I really loooove eunjung's twitter selcas they are always so beautiful
  8. oh my god she just finished Dream High and she's already in a new drama!! im so proud of her but isn't it a little difficult with their comeback soon and WGM I hope she'll be fine Eunjung fighting
  9. Wow this is actually so interesting, I remember that Nickhun chose Eunjung as one of his ideal types, And the new husband wonjun proposed to her on SGB ,, So much Drama XD i saw the preview I love her husband already caaaant wait Quote Eunjung : I want to get married Lee jang woo : Yaa Who are you gitting married to ? Im actually doing this with T-ara's eunjung "embarrassed" XD
  10. Oh My God !!!!!!!! This is sooo awesome I thought that it was just a rumor Im sooooo happy im going to see Eunjung every week!! But im really curious about her husband !!! Hope its someone that I like
  11. She looks sooo cute in this picture, it does show her pretty big eyes and her eyelashes are the best Soyeon you adorable human being
  12. I used to like 5dolls, But now not as much im actually disappointed, They are looking at T-ara as their competitors !!
  13. Wow I'm so happy for her .. Congratulations EunJungie your fans are so proud of you
  14. Actually she looks so pretty and cute even though she just woke up, And yes it seems like she's resting well these days
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