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  1. wow, thanks for still updating their news. It's been almost 6-7 years since I left, and glad that my account still works and this website is still up! They look great!
  2. For a second I didn't recognize the three of them, I thought it was a fashion shoot of some Eurasians models. The trio can hold any kind of styles, WUUUU~~~~ I'm lovin it too much
  3. the chorus choreography is a little too, I would say, slow? if the cam is only filming the top half of them, it feels like they weren't dancing XD but anyhow this song is sooo goooood! T-ara never fail to impress me and my ultimate bias, EJ.....you're just too awesome..... :kiss:
  4. I wish them good lucks and all the best. They will need it. As a listener of the western pop for almost all my life, unless they have a great song to promote like PSY, they will not really go far. I wonder what kind of hype does KKS want to create? Chart Ranking? Or just to increase popularity? Even Britain singers have to be very talented like Leona lewis, Adele, Amy WInehouse to be popular in US. (Totally not saying that T-ara is not talented but their type singing are not really widely fond by the Americans) I'm a loyal queens so those are my real concerns. Because I hope they prove me wrong but Chris Brown isn't even the right person to start with. There are so many options, TAIWAN and CHINA. These two countries have huge market toooo!! SO WHY MUST IT BE US? KKS SUCKS in marketing and they are still keeping him. I can't agree more with you. They really should strengthen their fan bases in other Asian countries first. Darn why are they still keeping him, he is a disastrous existence; the ceo that should have been fired.
  5. Miss @taraeunjung1212

  6. wow so cool :wub: , now I wonder what will Malaysia concert officials provide them...hope it's not too bad ahhhhhh
  7. It's great to see them finally thanking T-ara in a good way. Cause for a rookie to say "i want to surpass you" to a senior in the same management company just show their cockiness, and possibly it's Asshole Kim's idea. You don't see Fx says that to SNSD or SUJU to TVXQ. But I just can't stand that they keep relate T-ara to them in anyway, which I think it's asshole kim's idea too. Like what he did to Jiyeon saying she resembles Kim Tae Hee. Relating to someone more popular has always been his way of promoting idols.
  8. I do hope it's not only for Korea G market...
  9. lolz regardless who will be added, T-ara's dead with 6 members to me. I don't hate hwayoung, its a neutral feeling towards her existence in T-ara. Just sad that I might never hear Boram's beautiful low pitch voices and EJ's lovely voices in any other songs more than 1 line in the future?? Hyomin's gona survive it, not to mention the mighty Soyeon and fans magnet Jiyeon I bet the one got hurt the most from SOB Kim public humiliation is Qri, who got chosen and debuted under SOB Kim consent who realize Qri's singing ability and have not really trained her. ( i wonder if they have a vocal mentor which they should have).
  10. haha cute XD EunMin ~~~ 10 hours....i can imagine how hyomin would be if she's alone with the camera >< just like IY Ej comes to her rescue haha
  11. oh come on, she can leave the promotion for this drama!!!! MR KIM!!! this is a chance for her to explore japan market.....
  12. this is definitely the best news ever!!!! I hope they will open for foreign fans....cause we really love T-ara!!!!
  13. Seriously its the time for you guys to create an official fan club!!!!!!! You will be surprised by the number of fans !!!
  14. I have got to say, this is the one mv Im really looking forward of all MVs from t-ara!! HOpe this will be great !
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