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  1. OMG...why this must happened to my jiyeon....speed recovery jiyeon ah T-ara Fighting!!
  2. follow me @pjyeonholic ^^

  3. follow me @pjyeonholic ^^

  4. KKS please dont do this to my T-ara!! just want my 7 T-ara....no more and no less T__T
  5. hahahahaaa..... Lol UEE, its your first kiss too!!! same story, hahaha but my jiyeon is more Daebak!! ooo Yoo seungho, i want kiss too
  6. waaa....Daebak!! this song there playing on DH ep 14, right?? its sound so great!!!uri jiyeon daebak
  7. why jiyeon hiding her face?woaaa...make me so worry!!!
  8. woa....im so happy to hear this...CANT WAIT CANT WAIT for JIYEON!!!!
  9. wuaaa....chukaaee T-ara!!! very happy for hear this....Daebak!!
  10. Woaaaa.....like this!!!T-ara so Hot!!!hahaaa
  11. jiyeon...why u so pretty??? pict on heroes with DBSK member so beautiful too... cute cute overload
  12. jiyeon, qri and boram onnie so cute... hyomin onnie >< funny hairstyle hahaha
  13. for Cf on japan....ooo..really Daebak!! qri onnie n jiyeon so cool....all so pretty
  14. jiyeon face so funny >< nice pic.... cant wait,wanna watch it...
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