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  1. OMG...hyomin why you so cute....Full of your smile...That wink melt me...I will watch this movie...
  2. omggggg i freaking love this.... this concept is turning out to look far better than i originally expected from them! i cannot wait anymore...
  3. actually i'm really nervous watched this live..scared that they got a silence treatment from other fandom..then thanks to kqueen's with the fanchant..i felt relieve when i saw eunjung smile..
  4. no one choose hyomin to be their mother..she will bring a craziness and dorkiness to her children and family..as if i can choose, i want hyomin to be my mother..
  5. omg..hyomin ah...why you so beautiful... you getting more prettier day by day...her smile was just melt my heart..
  6. wow...hyomin so brave..that my bias..i hope there's nothing happen that time
  7. i'm so dissapointed....why must hwayoung??? kks really love seeing t-ara & queen's suffer a lot. you just make big mistake. when i read this article, i really don't know wait to say. i doubting t-ara right now. i want to hear from t-ara self what the truth not from kks. it's hyomin involved too??? my bias??? really???should i stay with t-ara or what?? i really don't know what to do....
  8. having cast in drama when make a comeback. must be tired. i hope our asset hyomin don't die. if kks die first, then i'm okay with it.
  9. she 18 year old right? well i can accept her but not for dani. 18 better than 14 right?at least she use to be TRAINED and she also pretty.
  10. really?..qri?..how you guys know qri will be a leader for the next comeback?
  11. yes. i can't wait. i hope it will be held after my spm exam
  12. i wonder because most of girl group limit is 5 years and t-ara already 3 years now. if t-ara disband after 5 years, what will happen new members?
  13. think positevely..think positively..you have to accept them no matter what..(talk to myself)...argh i cant..guess i should just ignore and make them like an invicible until i'm fully can accept them even it will take a long time
  14. they all so beautiful gorqeous. why they all show the hand? to show finger? nail? hem...
  15. what a use you make t-ara to us love them and now you want to add or change a new member.if you want t-ara successful,should be before they make a debut you should find someone who really is good not right now you want to change.they have been together for a long time. i pretty sure they are fear right now.
  16. ahhh!!!...i don't like t-ara have a replacing or add member... i like t-ara as a 7 and old member.. if they really change it, i think can't be t-ara fan anymore..
  17. no wonder japanese host awlays bring them to shopping...they must be watching t-ara.dot.com....
  18. i'm curious..there are other group have truck like t-ara??
  19. i think they recorded in Seoul in South Korea, 30 Jan 2012 it' s crazy if jiyeon go to japan when still have to filming dream high in korea
  20. this is their live in stage right??..now they can rest...
  21. i don't suprise at all...cause she always our num 1 beauty queen...
  22. mischa

    Volunteer Event (3)

    did hyoyoung cut her hair too???
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