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  1. Good song. Some weird english XD But ok. Love the MV. Can't wait for the second part
  2. Jiyeon-ah baby you will be the death of me XD
  3. They should really release full album. Hope the next one will be full. I want more songs XD
  4. I was like LOL when I read the fox part hahhaha She can't get away from it... hope it is going to be a good drama
  5. Girl is cute... but really throwing her and that dani kid in... just stupid... I don't think I will ever get over this. I will accept it, but I won't get over it.
  6. Seems interesting I still don't like this new members idea but I will look forward to the whole thing.
  7. Only a rumor.... I hope it stays a rumor. I hate adding new members. It took me quite a while accepting hwayoung (still not completely good with it) I can't take adding another member permanently.
  8. I really hate this kind of news and the worst thing I am not surprised. I knew this would happen ever since They made their comeback with cry cry. With all this dramas and musical they should left cry cry and lovey dovey for 2012.
  9. Wow it is truly good. I felt like I was watching a movie hhh Their acting is very good. I lauhged a little bit at hyomin part... couldn't help it XD Can't wait for second part. Seems like jiyeon will get a new face (Qri face) Ah daebak !!!! They never disapoint
  10. WOW hyomin..... O.O hhhhh XD Now that is what I call sexy!!!! They all look great Can't wait for them to preform
  11. wow teaser is intens Can't wait for the whole thing!!!! Why do we have to wait for so long!!!! Hope there will be more teasers
  12. God how much longer we have to wait.... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarghh I think I'm going to start shooting XD I just can't wait!!!!
  13. I don't think I ever saw them looking so HOT!!!!! They totally rock this boyish image Really HOT
  14. wow 30-min it's going to be interesting. Hope to see them all in it I can't wait now!!!! It is nice to see their profit is making their promotion and comebacks bigger and better (not like some other poor artist in other companys)
  15. I kind of saw this coming.. her schedule was really too much... and she is getting more and more skinnier... They need to open more space for her to relax a little.
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