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  1. gotta love how the kpop entertainment agencies have pooled together to raise that much money for the cause
  2. hyomins simply dazzling, a bonafide stunner yet shes got such a nice cutesy side to her. not to mention that shes got great complexion
  3. very stylish entry although everytime i see blurred faces i think its simply hilarious
  4. haha thats hilarious. totally sounds like something that would happen to her.
  5. i love how she always looks so happy and cute in the selcas on set. it seems so weird to see her being so serious in the drama
  6. i cant help but wish that eunjung was the main character in dream high sometimes because i cant cheer against her at all. i always end up cheering for her regardless of what she does in the drama lol
  7. agreed this would be a major twist in the storyline but i dont see how the heck theyd pull that off. but eun jung is looking really good in these pics
  8. Welcome to Tiara Diadem! I hope you will like it here. Enjoy~!

  9. im glad that theyre great friends regardless of their roles. hoping that theyll be friends again on the show too :/
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