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  1. Please don't edit or steal the photos. Don't really mind if you post them on Twitter or what not, but please leave the watermarks and give credit thx!
  2. Yes, on Saturday. Should be the last one, unless CCM decides to add another one.
  3. Diadem come to get down. 5 years, more to come!
  4. gw peeps. spread the word t-error adventures. error free!.. hopefully : D
  5. holy walls of text. jesus christ, calm down kids.
  6. are you talking to yourself?
  7. carnations for her parents for parent's day
  8. YOU GO GIRL. Hey, u-go-girl dadada dat girl. Five Fingers PD sucks.
  9. Now I can't go to the concert :'(... I guess its good overall, but i'm sad TT_TT
  10. Sorry if the English if weird, sentence structure gets dicey when you're translating Korean to English. There maybe slight mistakes, but this is the jist of it. :<
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