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  1. Please don't edit or steal the photos. Don't really mind if you post them on Twitter or what not, but please leave the watermarks and give credit thx!
  2. Yes, on Saturday. Should be the last one, unless CCM decides to add another one.
  3. Diadem come to get down. 5 years, more to come!
  4. gw peeps. spread the word t-error adventures. error free!.. hopefully : D
  5. holy walls of text. jesus christ, calm down kids.
  6. are you talking to yourself?
  7. carnations for her parents for parent's day
  8. YOU GO GIRL. Hey, u-go-girl dadada dat girl. Five Fingers PD sucks.
  9. Now I can't go to the concert :'(... I guess its good overall, but i'm sad TT_TT
  10. Sorry if the English if weird, sentence structure gets dicey when you're translating Korean to English. There maybe slight mistakes, but this is the jist of it. :<
  11. Okay really. Everyone needs to chill out and relax. Hating on these new members when we don't even know who they are yet, is just like all those people who hated on Hwayoung when she first joined, and now you are all including Hwayoung with the "originals." There are only 3 original members let in T-ara: Hyomin, Eunjung, and Jiyeon. Soyeon, Qri, and Boram were also added as a result of a member change. Now, if these 2 new members are completely detrimental to the group and cause scandals, you have a right to hate them. Don't hate them just because KKS decided to add them to T-ara.
  12. I'm sure it applies to new members as well. As I translated that line.
  13. Next is Davichi's turn. Don't understand why Kim Kwangsoo is against official fan clubs.. it only helps the popularity of your artists. If they had an official fan club it wouldn't have taken them so long to win on music bank again..
  14. Eunjung <33333333333333333 and.. Boram so serious hahaha
  15. but why is it not available for pre-order anywhere?! damn you ccm :[
  16. [11.07.28] Hyomin, "I fought with my director over the script" Movie "Giseng Spirit' Hyomin, Beating Screen Report With a movie and drama appearance, Japan advancements, and a new song to promote, T-ara's leader, Hyomin, doesn't have the opportunity to rest. Among idol stars, there have been many who were at the forefront of the entertainment industry. Recently, Hyomin has come out of the crowd with her eye-catching schedule. Hyomin commented that, "People around me have told me I have a lot of ambition," such a schedule would be impossible if she lacked the desire. The horror film, "Gisaeng Spirit", will premiere on August 4th and will be Hyomin's big screen debut. Hyomin was also proud of the fact that her new song, "Roly-Poly," had achieved first place a few days prior on music programs. However, Hyomin stated that she weighed about "50-50 importance when comparing her movie and song." "A singer's stage and a horror film are similar" It is quite interesting how Hyomin became to star in the film. In actuality, all the T-ara members had read the script for Gisaeng Spirit and among them the one who got the role of the female student Yurin, was Hyomin. Initially, the role of Yurin was very small, but was increased due to Hyomin's high ambition for the film. Hyomin commented that she wrote down her thoughts on the script, individual line by line; thoughts such as, "Yurin isn't necessary in this scene," or "This scene isn't scary at all." She even read all her thoughts for her director at their first dinner. "He would've either recognized my ambition or thought I was conceited." In the following re-written script, the role of Yurin was made much bigger. Hyomin commented, "I think the Director took kindly to my boldness." In the movie "Gisaeng Spirit", the characters Sunny and Yurin move into a mysterious house, which they have their concerns about. Hyomin's character Yurin is a female student with a very acute and sharp personality. Hyomin began acting through last year's SBS drama, "My Girlfriend is a Nine-tailed Fox". "Gisaeng Spirit" is very different for Hyomin. However, Hyomin stated that she believed, "A singer's going up on stage and an actor acting in a horror film are very similar." "I was told that I must overly exaggerate my movement and expressions in a horror film. A singer must show everything they can for the 3 minutes they have on stage. In the sense of what you have to show in horror acting, a singer's stage is very similar." "Gisaeng Spirit" was originally filmed with the expectation that it was going to be rated 15+, but was given a 19+ rating. Hyomin commented that this made her even more excited about the film. She was excited to hear the nature of movie left a very deep impression. "I hated hearing 'You're an idol.. can you do it?'" During the movie's filming T-ara began music promotions and were preparing for September advancement to Japan. There were days when Hyomin would have to film for her music video during the morning and film for her movie in the afternoon. Even though she was without time, Hyomin welcomed the change saying, "Because I didn't have any time, it allowed me to focus more on my movie." "Because I had so much to do there were times when I became acute, but this helped me in portraying Yurin's acute personality even better. Even though it was tough, I hated hearing 'You're an idol star, can you do it?' so there were many days where I believed I could do much better." In June, Hyomin's fellow T-ara member, Ham Eungjung, released her new horror film "White: Cursed Melody." Given that Eunjung is older than Hyomin, rather than giving her acting advice she began by telling her to "always take care of your health." "The time when I was most stressed was when I was writing down my schedule into my planner. I would wonder everyday how I would do all of this and take a deep breath. However, Eunjung saw this and told me to take it day-by-day; focus on today and don't worry about tomorrow. It was very helpful." In the middle of August, Hyomin's character will begin appearing in a new MBC Monday-Tuesday drama, "Gyebaek". Hyomin will be attempting her first historical drama with a rather playful character role. Despite having to wear a hot traditional outfit in the hot summer weather Hyomin stated that, "Because I am getting a chance to act in something I want to, I don't even have an opportunity to feel the heat." Finally she laughed by saying, "Starting in September T-ara will be promoting primarily in Japan, so I will be busy coming back-and-forth from Seoul and Tokyo." *** Source: Nate Translated by: bokchoi @ Diadem
  17. Lee Jangwoo's explosion of jealousy to Supernova's Geonil "Ham Eunjung is mine!" For the first time since getting married to his virtual wife, T-ara Eunjung, actor Lee Jangwoo has suddenly expressed explosive jealousy. On the April 23 broadcast of MBC's "We Got Married" (WGM) the Jangwoo-Eunjung couple will go on their first trip together to Kyungbok Youngduk. In prepeartion of the trip, Eunjung pulled an all-nighter the night before preparing lunchboxes, which left a deep impression on Jangwoo. However, in their downtime, Eunjung briefly talked about her husband for the KBS1 Drama "King Geunchogo," Supernova's Geonil, which made Jangwoo uncomfortable. On top of that, Eunjung revealed that she had a friendly relationship with Geonil prior to her debut, even having a Senior-Junior relationship from their university. Eunjung also shared a picture of the two together from the filming site, which showed a heartwarming pose, causing Jangwoo to become insecure. How will Jangwoo deal with the sudden appearance of a rival in Geonil? Watch the broadcast to find out. *** Source: Nate Translated by: bokchoi @ Diadem
  18. Her husband was revealed to be Lee Jang Woo, an actor. No idea who he is though :[
  19. Please not Kim Soo-hyun, not that I have a problem with him. Just don't want them to be type-casted as the "Dream High" couple :/
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