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Status Updates posted by kangeunri

  1. read my message!!! >_<

  2. heii ma dongsaeng !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    sorry for not leaving a reply ..

    i was just too busy and got stressed recently :P

    how could i forget such a beautiful dongsaeng like you huh?? lol

    how have you been??

  3. omg sorry for not recognizing you oppa..

    im such a bad dongsaeng lol

  4. thats cool :D

    are you christyokesim on twitter??

    you are so lucky because ji ae replied your tweet ..

    im so jealous lol

  5. hey i love your siggy..

    where did you get that??

  6. welcome to diadem :D

    thanks for viewing my page ^^

  7. hey i followed your twitter yesterday :)

    follow me back please :)

  8. i have been good :)

    and you??

  9. youve been a global moderator??

    i thought youre gallery uploader lol

    congrats ~~ and omo i love your siiggy <3 <3 <3

  10. lol why are you calling me kangy??

    im fine and i miss this forum !!!!

    when will you enter the university btw??

  11. i hope so ^^

    how are you saeng??

    i miss you so bad :(

    and hey update your fanfic lol

    id love to read it :)

  12. zukiah~ youre a moderator right now??


  13. i miss posting at diadem lol

    1. JYP_Rash19


      Me neither!! IMISSYAH! how have u been unnie?

  14. hey dongsaeng !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i missed your birthday ~~~

    happy birthday to you .. hope all of your dreams will become true :)


  15. hey unnie.. youre a moderator now .. congrats~~~~

    how are you?? its been a while lol

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