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  1. read my message!!! >_<

  2. owhh what a really good news . too bad my parents do not allow me to purchase anything from overseas :'( i want the signed cd so bad .
  3. but but soyeon is not the only member who has a good voice . hyomin and eunjung's voice are outstanding too . i hope by adding 2 members more is the best choice for our t-ara .
  4. i really anticipate it .. can't wait it any longer to listen the angelic voice of soyeon !! just release it now LOL
  5. it's a really good thing if our t-ara appears in the various tv drama or film or anything . but doesn't that mean they will become busier and busier . i don't want them to collapse just because of having fatigue . t-ara fighting !!
  6. oh poor eunjung . $30,000 dollars is a really something . who dare to rob eunjung's bag ?? this person is really mean and heartless . i feel bad for eunjung .
  7. i freaking want those limited edition photobook !!! but i heard the name of the new group has been decided .
  8. uwahhh amazing !!! it has not been released yet and it ranks first ?? daebak !!! congratz for our t-ara . they have done their best in overseas activity
  9. heii ma dongsaeng !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    sorry for not leaving a reply ..

    i was just too busy and got stressed recently :P

    how could i forget such a beautiful dongsaeng like you huh?? lol

    how have you been??

  10. omg sorry for not recognizing you oppa..

    im such a bad dongsaeng lol

  11. O EM GEE BEAUTIFUL WALPAPER *change the dekstop BG quickly* thanks for sharing this hongie you did a great job !!!!
  12. who is that guy?? he wears high heels and what are they doing?? seems so fun
  13. isnt the second and the third pics are the rehearsal??? lol at the members' expression at the last pic.. i hope they didnt find any difficulties in their japanese promotion
  14. jiyeon you missed this fun recording .. you should be in the center
  15. OH MY GOD SO BRIGHT >< close up eunjung pic !!!!! its awesome though i dont like her make up lol
  16. i love their style ,, t-ara always give me inspiration LOL LOVELY STUDIO AND I LIKE SOYEON EXPRESSION IN THE THIRD PIC !!!! she looks so cute with her hairstyle it seems to be a nice show
  17. what caught my attention first is their shoes lol omo where can i get that?? they posed naturally and i like the way they posed in J D AND X letters XP
  18. kiyeowoooooo chibi t-ara is soo cute .. but sadly i cant distiguish who is who.. they all look the same
  19. i want to eat those ramyun brand .. i like how they use t-ara to advertise their product our girls look soo amazing and adorable i want to see the full version of nongshim ramyun CF!!!!
  20. i love TONY MOLY's poster !!!!! LOL its full of pink and purple and white my fav color !!!! plus there is t-ara in it !!! what a perfect poster
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