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  1. omg borammie looks soo cute and i love the way qri unnie do her hair .. but why should the two of them who is being an ambassador for the game festival?? lol
  2. a good thing to put the poster near the university lol because it will catch the students' attention
  3. is no fair lol there should also have the other members solo pic !!!! but anyway its nice to see those banner in a big city like shibuya haha
  4. GOSH !!!! PRETTY PRETTY PRETTY i hope qri and soyeon have a chance too fill their biography till full lol
  5. youve been a global moderator??

    i thought youre gallery uploader lol

    congrats ~~ and omo i love your siiggy <3 <3 <3

  6. OMO OMOM OMO THANKS HONGIE FOR SHARING THIS !!!! i absolutely use this one for my wallpaper
  7. omg such as a lovely couple im glad that she has a close relationship with seulong .. he is a good oppa and sunbaenim right jiyeon unnie?? haha
  8. wow i want to watch and download that performance XD and did eunjung win something ?? O_______O i think she just represent the nominate and so on lol
  9. i love their airport fashion style esp for hyomin and jiyeon qri unnie .. when did you change your hair color?? lol hwayoung wears sandal ><
  10. OMG !!! THIS CAPS IS AWESOME .. it looks soo natural and i love their expressions .. seems like they are enjoying this recording lol its nice to know that
  11. I WISH I HAD BEEN THERE !!! lucky fan btw im still underage lol i cant watch it *sob sob*
  12. im so jealous with the choose contestant XP i want to be mentored with t-ara as well im sure t-ara will be a great mentor lol
  13. i want to play this although im a girl lol and i really want to edit my pic with them >_< btw i cant read their site .. its all written in hangul XP hiks
  14. AWESOME i have expected this roly poly is going to be a big hit .. since they also appreciate their fans work with the roly poly 2nd ad third ver ROLY POLY FTW
  15. OMG how could i get that?? it must have been sold out .. too bad i cant buy anything online
  16. OH MAN THIS IS REALLY A GOOD NEWS >_< they must become really busy though.. i totally anticipate for their returning stage and also their debut stage in japan.. ill always support you here FIGHTING !!
  17. i praise their hard work for their roly poly's good bye stage .. they are really awesome .. you girls have done really well im touched .. GOOD BYE ROLY POLY AND WELCOME BO PEEP BO PEEP T-ARA FTW !!!!!!!!
  18. its absolutely DAEBAK !!!!! congrats to our t-ara 2 million USD is mehhhh .. they have done a great job.. once again congratulation
  19. OMG OMG OMG just read this news i hope she recovered soon and she did her best in the last inkigayo performance .. shes really a pro.. soo proud of her ..
  20. could i be the lucky 300 fans?? lol i really want their photobook.. and do you guys know where i can get that??
  21. lol why are you calling me kangy??

    im fine and i miss this forum !!!!

    when will you enter the university btw??

  22. i hope so ^^

    how are you saeng??

    i miss you so bad :(

    and hey update your fanfic lol

    id love to read it :)

  23. zukiah~ youre a moderator right now??


  24. i miss posting at diadem lol

    1. JYP_Rash19


      Me neither!! IMISSYAH! how have u been unnie?

  25. hey dongsaeng !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i missed your birthday ~~~

    happy birthday to you .. hope all of your dreams will become true :)


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