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  1. kyaaaaaaaaaaa!! boram look so cute in the fisrt pic:D
  2. they took photo together??they look so cute together... thx for share <br>
  3. frac23

    [SCANS] Jiyeon and MBLAQ's Lee Jun @ Cine 21 (03/28)

    awwwww, she is so cuteee.. her smile...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...really made my day
  4. yay!!! more t-ara each week I'm really looking forward to this show, will watch again wgm soon Eunjung fighting!!^^
  5. frac23

    [EVENT] T-Ara at Beauty TV Launch Event (03/15)

    I think she's prettier with long hair.. but she still pretty with short hair too
  6. frac23

    [PICS] Jiyeon in Heroes Wedding Photoshoot (03/16)

    she is like an angel... no i think she really was an angel
  7. wuahhh....her eyes...so pretty and gorgeus.. love it
  8. where else can see iu and jiyeon every week if this show is will be canceled...arghhhh D:
  9. frac23

    [OFFICIAL] Jiyeon at MBC Come To Play (03/14)

    kyaa...jiyeon really cute in there^^ hahaha..their hairstyle look similar
  10. I'm glad a lot of Korean artists concerned with the disaster... hope japan will be alright..t-ara fighting! japan fighting!!
  11. wow...she really looks so cute and so young... I think 15 years later, her faces remain the same like now^^
  12. yay!!eunjung is there can't wait for the eng subs ^^
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