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  1. kyaaaaaaaaaaa!! boram look so cute in the fisrt pic:D
  2. they took photo together??they look so cute together... thx for share <br>
  3. awwwww, she is so cuteee.. her smile...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...really made my day
  4. yay!!! more t-ara each week I'm really looking forward to this show, will watch again wgm soon Eunjung fighting!!^^
  5. I think she's prettier with long hair.. but she still pretty with short hair too
  6. she is like an angel... no i think she really was an angel
  7. where else can see iu and jiyeon every week if this show is will be canceled...arghhhh D:
  8. kyaa...jiyeon really cute in there^^ hahaha..their hairstyle look similar
  9. I'm glad a lot of Korean artists concerned with the disaster... hope japan will be alright..t-ara fighting! japan fighting!!
  10. wow...she really looks so cute and so young... I think 15 years later, her faces remain the same like now^^
  11. yay!!eunjung is there can't wait for the eng subs ^^
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