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  1. She so frickin' adorable. I love her as Music Core's MC. She's too cute; she speaks so well in front of the camera and so interactive. I loooove it!
  2. Netizens/BB's fans are so crazyyyy. HyoMin, bless her heart, apologized and everything; she understood that it was prolly better for her to speak formally w/ SeungRi but he didn't mind dropping the formalities. She should be receiving positive comments for her politeness. So ridiculous. -___-
  3. I love when she wears or don't wear eyeliner. Her look/transformation is soo noticeable. She looks awesome w/ it on stage... so charismatic and fierce... gives her such presence on stage. Haha... reminds me of GaIn from BEG. W/o the eyeliner, she's so adorable and sweet. Either way, she's gorgeous! =]
  4. The netizen that did this is totally just a JiYeon hater! He/she has it totally wrong. Part of the reason for T-ara's success is due to JiYeon; her face helped the group get notice more (That's how I noticed the group & that's one of the reason why I like T-ara). Just b/c of her recent controversies doesn't mean she's bringing down the group's potential. She made mistakes (lapse in judgment)--not intentionally to hurt the group. She's young. That netizen and other antis should move on and judge T-ara based on their music/talent.
  5. It's so amazing to see her strength while dealing with the hurtful rumor. Keep fighting! Keep smiling!
  6. Be strong, JiYeon! Whatever the final conclusion is about the "alleged JiYeon", Tiara's JiYeon will always have the support of her fans. Hopefully, this controversy will go away smoothly so JiYeon and Tiara can keep fighting. But, even if her name is cleared netizens will still believe what they want to believe so people have to remember that someone's past is just that, their past.
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