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    Just ask...(but likely i love t-ara and there is no bettter group then them). Soyeon follower!
    I like computer games(rts , mmorpg , strategy), korean & japanese music(pop , rock , metal , reaggae )
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  1. Happy birthday to you!!! :D

  2. oh, thanx! idk whats wrong with all the link,

    so i decided to make a new one then...

    been pretty busy these days... and can online spent some time with my laptop...

    yeah, i shall try it soon...

    once again, thanx!

  3. Hey i saw your gif!. It's really a good work^^ I hope you will contribute more gifs when you find a new eye-catching videos;p

  4. hi there! after such a long time..

    i finally made it..

    anyhow, it just a simple one.. hheehee..

    i'll try to find another 'eye-catching' material... then...

    thanx for ur support!

  5. hi have a nice day! :)

  6. Sure no problem;p Pleasure on my side.

  7. hey, thanx for d add! ^____^

  8. That's a good move;> Can't wait to hear it;> Soyeon fighting !
  9. Hmm so weird... i think when someone is defending they should give him the right to do so properly and not edit his own words;) Anyyway editing her defensive line was cheap and they shouldn't do it to Soyeon;/ She's a strong woman nothing will break her.
  10. Really !? a scandalous act?;p It's rather intresting addition to bouquet to see Soyeon taking care about her beauty. Anyway since when looking perfect in korean tv is a crime?
  11. Oh about voice... hmm i think it's more like personal choice. Probably not everyone like strong and deep voice that Soyeon have. I hope we can see in future more solo songs from EJ and SY so we can better compare them;)

  12. For me Eunjung first caught my eyes when the music video for TTL came out. I've always been attracted to girls with short hair and the fact that she seem to just stand out of the crowd just amazes me. I even grew to like her more after realizing that she has an amazing singing voice( of course not better than soyeon) ^_^

  13. Oh i think i notice that from beginning. Soyeon was the one that make love t-ara so fast;> First i saw a beautiful woman after that her music talent , personality , sense of humor. She simply rocks;> but i'm also a big fan EJ hmm maybe even hwayoung in future;> Most noticable thing was Soyeon winks on beginning that hipnotise me. What was your story with EJ?:P

  14. Same as eunjung is to me haha! When did you start noticing that soyeon was your bias?

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