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  1. ummm, you do know that KKS publicly threaten Hwayoung right? KKS is a powerful man in the kpop industry.
  2. probably just went and threaten them, and told them to shut up.
  3. hate companies that will sue someoen just because of some post on a forum, I hope CCM goes bankrupt because of this situation.
  4. I do not understand why CCM used an idol instead of an actual manager to manage the money... terrible company...
  5. I think I can say that almost everybody has experience stage fright at least once in their lifetime.
  6. I know that their song Bo Peep Bo Peep was very popular over in Taiwan, but it sure is nice to know that they are famous there as well.
  7. I'm glad that she is able to expand her career opportunities. I wonder who much did her company paid her for her work on 5dolls.
  8. I wonder how her scandal affected her as a person. Would be nice if she become more willing to talk about it in the future.
  9. Why do they keep doing horror movies? It's the genre that I almost never watch...
  10. I love the song, I have watched the MV for like, over 5 times now, hope they perform it live.
  11. I'm glad that she is able to achieve her dream. I hope that I will be able to see her together with Snsd members.
  12. Good for her, but I have no idea what does a panel member do? Can anyone here explain?
  13. I thought they would look good together, oh well. Maybe they will date in the future.
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