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  1. That intro is so addicting. Can't wait to see these girls back in action again. But I'm curious... are they dropping the 'Day by Day' storyline? I thought this was going to be a continuation of the MV.
  2. jiyeon looks just as badass as cha seung won!! i want an action movie where they play jedi master/padawan learner elite assassin/cool apprentice to each other~! lol!
  3. Lol, I know. Jiyeon explained it herself. But I still found it really funny that she's standing there with her coat wide open while Soyeon uses her to block the cold wind. Forever lol-ing at the first pic because of the obvious height difference! Hahaha, when Soyeon stands behind Jiyeon (minus the heels), her eyes are the only part you could see!
  4. Qri really makes for one hot guy (probably the hottest out of all of them), but the problem is, she still moves too girly that the illusion completely shatters, lol! Eunjung, Jiyeon, Hyomin and Soyeon, on the other hand, got the manly movements and mannerisms down to pat. Especially Eunjung and Jiyeon. And how adorable is it that Soyeon can effectively hide behind the maknae? Hahaha, tall maknaes are the most useful things on earth!
  5. Seeing Jiyeon cry always makes me tear up... I'll miss the cuteness of Jiyeon and Suzy in MuCore. I hope they get called back again once in a while. It makes me feel sad that they didn't have a special goodbye stage, unlike what MBC did for Tiffany and Yuri.
  6. rennie

    Jiyeon Twitter!

    We're not going to see these cute MCs anymore. I hope MBC brings them back once in a while, too.
  7. On a happier note, if she's playing the younger version of another actress, then chances are she won't be appearing in the entire 50 episodes and just the earlier episodes of the series. Hmn, it'll still give her time to do DH2 (if they are casting her again). Meanwhile, I'm still hoping against hope that the people from SM who are remaking Hana Kimi would cast one of the T-ara girls (coughJiyeonasMizukicough). An extremely far-fetched idea, I know, but it's not like SM has a large of arsenal idols who can actually act.
  8. Wait, so can this possibly mean that they're going to sing 'Cry Cry' in their comeback stage? Awesome! I mean, they might as well promote it if it's getting it's own MV. And also, can I make a guess? Part 1 of the MV will probably show a couple being all lovey-dovey, but at the end of it, something happens and the couple breaks up. Then part 2 would have the girl doing nothing but cry cry because of the heartbreak. How's that? Lol, I think I'm more excited about 'Cry Cry' than with 'Lovey Dovey'', but really, I don't think I'll mind which song is better as long as I get to see these girls again. Roly Poly seems like ages ago. Btw, what's with the rhyming/repetitive titles, anyway? Bo Peep Bo Peep, Yayaya, Roly Poly, Lovey Dovey, and Cry Cry. Black Eyes as a title song sounds so cool, too bad it's only the album name.
  9. Lol, maybe they'll get one of the girls to cross-dress again and be the lead. Who knows? And if that really ever happens, I'm betting it'll either be Qri, Jiyeon or Eunjung who's going to be dressing up, since they were such hits in the Dream Concert. Hahaha!
  10. Retro?! I thought they were done with retro?! Damn, I was hoping for a song somewhat similar to TTL, since the album is called 'Black Eyes' and all... I guess still they haven't made up their mind between doing retro and electropop, and now they ended up doing a fusion of both. Oh well, this is CCM, after all. It might change again in the future, who knows. I'm still holding on to hope that it'll be badass, just like their Hallyu Dream Concert concept.
  11. Lol at the first pic~ I love how they are unconsciously(?) arranged in ascending height order. Poor Boram, forever at the very front of the line.
  12. Jiyeon even knows how to pose like a real guy.... And Qri is messing up my bias rankings of T-ara members. So handsome but her movements are still as feminine as they were. Lol!
  13. All eyes were on T-ARA on the red carpet, as well as on the stage This is exactly what they needed to boost their names among the public. People are paying attention~!
  14. T-ARA did it~! They finally surpassed SNSD's debut record sales with 47k+ sales after today. People are still expecting the numbers to go up tomorrow when Oricon officially releases the weekly charts tomorrow, since the small stores only submit their sales on a weekly basis. CONGRATS, T-ARA~! It's your time to shine~
  15. The feathery accessory on her hair looks nice. I remember Taeyeon playing this game a few years ago. She didn't win, sadly enough. I hope Eunjung brings home the prize for this one.
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