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  1. ke ke, T-ara love this song so much. HyoMin, EunJung, have sing this song before and now is Jiyeon
  2. Jiyeon is so pretty, she grown up to married. But show Heroes is end, i so sad of it
  3. EunJung look very cute, i really want to see that show now look this way she dance, very beauty ,sexy and this perfomer is good too
  4. i love this dress, it's make Boram younger Boram look lide 16 years old
  5. look Soyeonee is pretty so T-ara at beauty TV launch event because all of them is beautiful
  6. this show is very funny, how cute Eunjung and Tony , i want to see Tony's face
  7. i think 5 doll thankful for T-ara's help, it makes more people watch their performance (me is exp) but they feel bad beacuse they did'nt success as they hope before but it's ok, T-ara sang with Davich and Seeya before and now is 5 dolls i belive T-ara and 5 dolls will develope
  8. Heroes is coming to an end this month the show is very entertaining and its fun to see 2 girls idol at the same time
  9. heroes is end, i cant see Jiyeon and IU more hope they will get on show together
  10. ha ha ha , eunjung is sleep again. we should call her 'Ham sleep', ke ke she is so cute, i really want hug her
  11. i love all of dream high cast, special our eunjung, she is very friendly i proud of her
  12. really cute, i like to see Eunjung when she sleep, it's cute and nature
  13. i love this picture they holding hands. they look great couples i want them get on WGM together
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