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  1. Sounds like a wonderful and fun idea! I can't wait!
  2. I always thought she was the most friendliest. Her smile always seems so genuine. It's such a shame that she is the one that suffered the most (other than Hwayoung). Although others might not think her apology is sincere or enough, at least she spoke up and said something.
  3. I'm excited for the drama! And yes! Finally something positive about the girls!
  4. okay~~ I fully support T-ara and Hwayoung but KKS, on the other hand, needs to learn how to "keep quiet." Urgh..
  5. For some reason I think that KKS will not kick out members but possibly put them on hiatus and say that they are focusing on their dramas that they are filming.. They can't afford to do something drastic by removing members.
  6. Happy Birthday!!!!!!! :D

  7. Happy Birthday! =D

  8. Welcome to Tiara Diadem! I hope you will like it here. Enjoy~!

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