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  1. T-ara members are so beautiful n cute but where is Eunjung? Why don't I find Eunjung?
  2. They look like movie posters it's cute LOVE the concept!!!! the girls looks soo CUTE!!! T-ARA <33
  3. I can't wait for the MV to be released xD I'm so excited for it go go t-ara
  4. new nickname. so cute. is this a horror film. it isn't
  5. I want watch this fil right now.
  6. poor Eunjung where is her stylist. Eunjung hwating
  7. that 's so exciting. their CEO is good with them. Girls are so multi-tallent Hope it will be big hit
  8. whoaa... 4.3 m m m million USD ?! whoa that's a lot !!! That's Great ! go t-ara
  9. all t-ara girls are really so beautiful. Especially Ji Yeon . she is so pretty. Hwating
  10. Eunjung hwaiting! T-ara hwaiting! WHITE QUEEN im gonna die!!!
  11. Unjung is so cool I want to see this film. I really like White song
  12. she look so simple but so beautiful in pic 3, she is so cute . I like it. thanks for share
  13. thanks for share. They look really happy. But Eunjung look like she was tired
  14. well that's not very idol like Eunjung ji yeon daebak I'm so excited
  15. Jacket photos are out and I love them. I like the fact they're in black and white t-ara daebak hwaiting
  16. she is so cute. every member has one. Haha CEO in Japanese is good. T-ara hwaiting. can't wait comback stage and Japan Showcase
  17. i like this already t-ara hwaiting This is.... interesting.. I'll wait for it and see if it's good, T-Ara's songs are always good anyway
  18. hope the song will not come out just as weird as the title xDDDD T-ara hwaitingggg!
  19. she is really multi-talented. She is friendly. she is really multi-talented
  20. Eunjung actually can't swim.She said in Dream Girl show. Haha Jang goon nim is lucky. He can teach her how to swim
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