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  1. Oh the irony.."bullying" is a common tactic in the Large Media Industry, isn't it my fellow Queens? How can a professional do something this rude to ANYONE. Shows how many people don't care about others. Whether he believes he is in the wrong or right with his actions, this is not justifiable and intolerable behavior. I will not watch anything this PD will be apart of. I have lost respect for him and "Five Fingers". Unbelievable.
  2. She probably is hesitant to sign another contract...If you think about it, it's like starting all over again and it could be scary in her situation :/
  3. Poor Dani I hope she doesn't get attacked by antis
  4. If antis are so on t-ara about bullying, why the hell are THEY bullying all the girls? What do they want to succeed? Do they want one of them to attempt suicide (god forbid, but if this continues, all the stress will eventually take its toll)? I cannot stand this anymore! I want them out of CCM.
  5. This is getting out of hand =_=* CCM should allow t-ara to say something and allow Hwayoung to say something. I don't want them to lose their careers because of some "bullying" netizen report. I hope it doesn't affect how other idols see them and how other actors see them. They have earned too much respect in the last year to have this on them. The poor girls work like slaves, and they're repaid on their 3rd anniversary like this? By losing fans, gaining antis, and losing their first solo concert!? what the EFF???
  6. I love all members...Though maybe not the new ones so much, but i do love Hwayoung like an original t-ara member. Unless there is something confirmed, i'm just going to support all members, wrong and not. I say Jiyeon is my bias, and she will be even after the clarifying. I am a Queen and this is what we are supposed to do: support. Let's hope for the best QUEENS, we should always stick by the girls 100% and be rational if our worst fears are confirmed.
  7. 14 is too young. Didn't the media suppress that one really young girl group earlier last year? Frustrating.
  8. I love the original t-ara, I was devastated when Hwayoung entered, but now I accept her. I'm not sure I can accept someone who is 14 years old though...To me, Hwayoung and Jiyeon will always be the final members of t-ara and always the maknaes.
  9. NO CHANGE IN 7-ARA! Just as i thought that CCM will finally be good to them after months of pushing, this happens???!!!!! EFFFFF the WORLD. Hwayoung, Jiyeon, Hyomin, Eunjung, Soyeon, Qri, and Boram FOREVER
  10. It crushes me to know that she works so hard. I hope she'll be able to see her parents and take time off to just be a kid. Because they're still young and they just need time to have fun without worries );
  11. this worries me a little :/ how do they communicate? How exhausting is this gonna be?
  12. I'm so proud of them I have been a fan for so long! I don't care what the name will be, but just that there will be one But I like Diadem ;D has a nice royal ring to it.
  13. I want Jiyeon to be the main character!!!!!!!!!----please
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