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  1. by reading all theirs answer, gave me really nice feeling...... all this time supporting them, really fell worth it
  2. really can't wait for her solo debut .......hope it will be soon
  3. it's nice to see eunjung participates in different occasion....but still hoping to see her in movie or drama fighting!!!!!
  4. hahaha...what an interesting story. how come they siblings can think to run away at the same time. It's like they have same mind.
  5. i cannot wait for the show.....but i don't know much about the guy, but i am happy for eun jung
  6. yay!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot wait for it. eunjung is my most favorite......
  7. it has been so long since I heard about them.... eunjung looks good on both shades and specs....
  8. already watch the show but w/out eng subs, so I don't understand anything but it doesn't matter since eunjung in it....
  9. Luv how kpop industries help the disaster victims.... Hope the victims don't lose hope...keep fighting!!!
  10. Wait!!! So in kOrean, they use dubbing on the movie....I think it gonna be weird since Its originally english. Anyway, I 'm waiting for it.....Luv Jiyeon ... she's so cute
  11. Oh my gosh!!!! She seems so stylish...... pretty as always.....Luv her
  12. jealous of her..... always knows what to wear.....
  13. All the photos are really nice. They all look very pretty no matter what they wear.... Luv them!!!!
  14. luv eunjung! she's friendly with everyone it must be very fun being around her
  15. The style is really suits eunjung....so cute!!!!!!
  16. Hahaha.....Hyomin just too cute.She is getting better and better. Luv her
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