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  1. yeah your right!... in fact t-ara are very talented... they can dance, sing, and also acting hihih
  2. Say no to REPLACING T-ara MEMBERS

  3. T.T Hope nobody to leaves the group.... i love t-ara,,,, to add a member is ok. but replacing so BAD!
  4. hi too :) sorry for the late reply, I rarely check my profile feed lol

    1. mioshi11


      hihihi its ok hihihi haaay in confuse about t-ara

    2. mioshi11
  5. kya~~A!!!!!!!! SPEED "Lovey dovey Plus"

  6. woah so nice!!!! i want to go there! T.T hihihi and i want to look/see those beautiful posters inside!
  7. hehe.. sorry I'm kind of busy these days I can't be active that much. haha bat ba ko nageenglish? wait.. can u understand straight tagalog w/o dialect?

    1. mioshi11


      hihihi thats ok. yup i can understand

  8. haay hwayoung.... always fighting!! diadem/queens/kings always here to support you.. be brave... wat a sweet twins/sisters
  9. cant wait for that ryu sister and the male of coed... hehehe what is the name of the boy group of coed if the girl group is 5dolls???
  10. wow!! t-ara can do it... just fighting!!! hope they win triple crown
  11. i am really contented with our fanclub diadem or citrine.... queens is for only fangirls how about the fan boys
  12. hi~ing noona...

    1. mioshi11


      i mean dongseang hehe

    2. JYP_Rash19


      Ahehe.. thats okkkkkaay! :) Hi tooo Oppa!

  13. hello??? in nathaniel shim dela cruz and you?

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