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  1. Having fever and headache for three days, oh great~

  2. Okay, I'm Back LOLxD

  3. Last month for this semester, hopefully still can alive after that :P

  4. [13.04.29] T-ARA N4 "전원일기" Music Video (Dance and Drama Ver.) cr: coremidas
  5. hiatus for new sem for my study, break for a little longer??

  6. Hi and Bye ヾ(^∇^)

    1. chrizty


      Hugs,Kisses and Kicks..byesss~

  7. I love my DP muahahahaaa~~

  8. Exhausted to many way and things.. The brand new snake year, hope that can bring me more luck ~-~

  9. ON HIATUS!!! Struggling in FINAL PROJECTS and ASSIGNMENT!! Be back after CNY!!

  10. 444, what a beautiful number~ LOL

  11. Not be a silent but be a brilliant

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