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  1. Hey Say Jump's 2nd Album is garuanteed to get #1 on the 06.06 Oricon week, same week as Jewelry Box. There is no way JE gonna let go of that weekly #1, nor does T-ara's popularity would be a threat to Hey Say Jump. With that said, Hey Say Jump's predicted number should be around 250 000 for its week. 500 000 is impossible for T-ara in the short run, especially with the contents and price of Jewelry Box. 6800 JPY for an album + photobook is a little too much. I know that the photobook is 100 pages and all that but CCM needs to get real, what are they selling? Album or photobook? The price for Diamond Type is double the price of an average album from any Jpop artists. Not to mention, only 2 original songs? For its 1st week, i'd say Jewelry Box could reach 100k to 130k. 500k is not possible to reach within this year. Next year, maybe, if they gain explosive popularity in Japan and new fans started to buy their old releases.
  2. ^ AKB48's Give me Five was released 2 weeks earlier, compared to Roly Poly. Beating a two-week older song isn't something incredible. Still, congrats T-ara for achieving #3 .
  3. Boo EMI. Stop recycling songs. They screwed SHINEE up, going from 91k (debut) down to 50k. Releasing on the same day as THSK, KAT-TUN, Koda, AKB48's Watarirouka Hashiritai 7, as well as in the middle of AKB-and-Family's mega releases-chain (releasing a single everyweek starting 26.10 to 07.12) == It's obvious that they have no chance at topping the chart but also the public might be overwhelmed by releases from big names to even pay attention to T-ara. In Japan, big groups started promoting for their single about a month before its release day and perform/promote their songs on every music shows possible. Seriously EMI & CCM, put in some effort and can't you let the girls promote at one country at a time? p.s Namie Amuro isn't releasing a single on November 30th, it's Koda Kumi. Namie's single is scheduled to drop in December.
  4. set anh lên ad, để anh vào adcp tạo cái khung cho 4rum

  5. ol yahoooooo em ơi

  6. This is just wrong man. This is just too much. Come on, the covers were perfect, right of amount of "cat-ness", they were sweet and sexy. And this heavy make-up shoot is just plain scary to me. Sorry stylists, you failed hard this time.
  7. For those of you who are confused, this is NOT the single covers or random trading cards. These are bonus photos come according to the official store that you bought the single from. If I buy any type (A,B or C) of Bo Peep Bo Peep from Tower Records, I'd get the first photo as a bonus for buying there.
  8. hi have a nice day!^^..wish we could be friends!

  9. What I always like about Team K is their Stage~ The dance are always so nice and the songs are cooler than other Team's Stages~~ XD

  10. I love lotza Team A girls but none of them are in my top 6. And Kojiharu is purely awesome XD Team 4 is still new to me too. I only know Ichikawa 'Fresh Lemon' Miori and Minarun, Team 4 captain.

  11. I'm more of a sucker for Team A~ Kojiharu~~~ Don't really know anyone of Team 4 yet though... ==

  12. Nope. Actually, my faves are Tomochin & Chiyuu, Yuko is a close third though. I just adore EbiKachuu photos & team K <3

  13. Yeaps! Never thought I'd find another AKB fan here~~ I assume your favourite member is Yuko? XD

  14. Yup ^^ That's definitely Yukorin.

    Are you an AKB fan?

  15. Do I see yuko on your siggy? ^^

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