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  1. I really proud with them,,all of it,,their voice live,,their act,,everything,,really proud,,just keep going forward Girls,,I always here for you,,T-ara,,all of you,,FIGHTING!!!! ^____^
  2. But Its only 3 members,,where is others??? hhhhhh like CRY CRY before but still love it and so curious,,FIGHTING!!!!!
  3. How about w/ Jiyeon,,isn't she appearing b4 in there?? ^__^ or she is not anymore??
  4. I hope this moment have a video,,kyaaaaaaa........... > < I want see them again in variety show ^___^ that will be awesome,,thanks to share
  5. T-ara is T-ara,7 is 7,no others,if there is something happen to T-ara Member,thats not T-ara,,its another Girl Group,,trust me,,CCM will distroied that T-ara w/ him self,,I totally confused,,so confuseed > < pleasseee........ don't do anything to T-ara Member,,We have fell w/ that number,,7,,7 queens,,7T or another 7,,come on,,,why U R so annoying Mr. KKS??? > < issshhhh........ > <
  6. Mr. KKS,,if U will changed the member,,I'm sure U will be jugded to any1 who loved T-ara,,and me,,as personal,,will hate U forever,,heard this,, Mr. KKS,add the member is OK,,but not about CHANGED!!! Did U heard us?? OMG!!! I really confused w/ what Mr. KKS thinking of,,really don't know,,the worst ever statment,,isshhhh............. > <
  7. Really?? Waahhh......... to bad > < but w/ this video,,its enough for my curious,,thanks for Ur information ^__^ aand T-ara........ DAEBAK!!!!
  8. No EUNJI *again???* hhhh.............. > < but thanks to share,,,,
  9. Thanks for share,,^___^ I saw it yet the video,,but I don't understand what that show,,never seen b4 and don't know what R they talking about,,haha......... I think its defrent w/ who wants to be a millionaire
  10. T-ara knows how to be fun at the same time,,love it ^___^ good job girls,,but so sad seeing Hwayoung sick,,her ankle?? And more sadness that EUNJI wasn't there too :( I know that EUNJI was sick too,,,they need to rest,,and Boram Unnie always cares to all,,nice Rambo ^__^ thanks to share,,waiting another CAM for this show :)
  11. When the show will be on air??? can't wait to see their performance,,its looks so great,,curious curious > <
  12. Thanks for share,,,^__^ without Eunjung again,,,,,so sad but have to FIGHTING!!!!! Love T-ara ^___^
  13. Me too,,I want see their video about this and Komca MA > < really curious,,,but thanks to share,,,,
  14. U know,,I really really really mad to CCM,,Dec 24th????? Hhhhhhh..........And January start to promoted,,its really long time,,,hhhhhhh.......... > <
  15. Its on JTBC,,December 3rd will be air,,don't know the time,,just wait it ^___^ and thanks to share
  16. #1,,,I wish it,,we all wish it,,,pray pray pray pray ^___^ T-ara...........FIGHTING!!!!! LOVE U
  17. So fun inteview...............^___^ " (Hyomin) The fans seemed to feel really disappointed about it. They told me a while ago that they voted for us. We will definitely work hard to repay you with better sides of ourselves". Yeaaa,,,I do,,,I disappointed,,Do U guys??? But what we can do?? If T-ara need to rest and do another activity,,I,,we have to still support it,,,^___^ FIGHTING!!!!!
  18. We waiting for fanclub name > < and ameenn,,someday T-ara will got a solo concert,,but wait until the time,,be patient and keep FIGHTING!!!!! K ^___^
  19. Sale Sale sale,,,who wanna buy?? Hahahaha...............^___^ thanks to share,,,like usuall they r amazing
  20. Waaaa,,,,,,its cool,,,daebak,,,good job,,,thanks to share...........U make it a gift ^___^ FIGHTING!!!!!!
  21. Nice,,,ROLY POLY have a great time this year,,,DAEBAK!!!! So concern coz this song is a legend ^___^ thanks to share
  22. The music video will be out in 20 minutes at 3:00 PM KST. -@tiaradiadem Patient???? NOOOOOOO...................
  23. Me tooo,,,we have already to wait for so long,,,and now??? OK Guys,,,,mybe
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