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  1. i'm so proud of my hyomin! her answers are so not wavering from the fact that she loves to act, is confident about it..and confident about herself! Hyomin fighting! take care of your health ya?
  2. Ahh! Hyomin ah! Take good care of yourself... Tara fighting! Even though you guys wanna do a lot of things cos it's your dream, but health comes first!! hurts us to know that you guys are not well... Hyominnie fighting! Himnae!!
  3. Yeah! more hyomin in dramas! excited to see hyomin in historical costumes! she's so pretty, everything she wears is gonna be beautiful!
  4. woohoo! my fav 3 members! best combination! can't wait to hear the OST.. tara fighting! hope the movie ranks in the crowds..
  5. haha..so funny! but so alike! i think is the hair...& the ribbons...
  6. what does protein doll means?? but she looks really really good! her eyes are so big!!! Tara fighting!
  7. Part 2 is great! love the different sets... but i still can't get the movements! and i still don't know who's the actual girl that grows up to be the woman in part 1!
  8. So happy to see eunjung's love for hyomin! my fav pairing! hahaha.... i wanna watch the movie too! & White... will it air in singapore? Death bell 2 did..so hopefully White & Gisaeng Spirit will come too...
  9. hahah..i get the snsd = western retro & tara = south korean retro, but where did the african retro come from? LOL but i love the concept & can see the difference.. i'm so happy they're receiving lots of love from older folks..hee..
  10. i'm so motivated to start skipping again! hahah... and this is from a doctor: Don't use the word exercise, just always be in active. which is what i guess tara is doing! tara fighting!
  11. hahah..roly poly & tony moly! i'm gg to support them when it comes to singapore! i bought one that time to support narsha from BEG, now i'll buy again to support tara!
  12. i love the bpbp concept too! is that the song they going into Japan with?? maybe they're filming the japanese PV? *hope hope hope* let's hope they get enough sleep & rest for the comeback!
  13. Yeah! no offense to any 2NE1 fans, but Tara song is so much nicer! at least to me! congrats on the girls sweeping the charts! Hope it'll last long long long!!
  14. it's out!! Jiyeon's metrosexual dressing is so cute!! & the song sounds good! Saturday night fever is ON!!! can't wait for the full version!!
  15. hahah..what a nickname! but it doesn't fit my hyomin! she's anything but horror! lol.. she's just amazingly gorgeous from all angles!
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