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  1. true fans love you all in their heart.. either in lack or excess... we support you guys.. keep strong....
  2. nice eunjung :) ... looking forward for her acting skills... fighting...
  3. looking forward for new song.. hope no hard critique again from netizen ... be strong cutie...
  4. poor her.. hope she be ok soon... including all staff member in that car too...
  5. i wish i am in Bangkok! they look great as always! They wear simple and beautiful outfits at the press conference.
  6. they look like the have so much fun there! kekeke i love seeing them with less or with out make up
  7. Wow, interesting one here, those are pretty good cartoon versions of T-ara, thanks for the uploads, sooo cute
  8. jiyeon looks like an angel !! it's just so sad that heroes will ended soon
  9. It really is a terrible disaster... it made me realize how little we can do against mother nature It's great to see them cheering up Japan. Pray For Japan!
  10. i'm glad she doesn't feeling guilty about seungri things.. i hope his fans will leave her alone.. i'm happy to know that she has her own way of relieving stress
  11. Hyomin really looks so beautiful here.. they went overboard with the autotune, but thats there signature type of music..
  12. it really shows how bothered and saddened she is by the hate she's receiving. but dat show how honest are she
  13. Eun jung seriously look naughty girl and so damn hot that really din look eunjung !! hahaha..
  14. she looks interesting, but still awesome with and without makeup I've noticed how big a difference eyeliner can make when it comes to making eyes look bigger
  15. This Title scared me at first You just never fail to surprise me I can't wait to see the episode!!
  16. How lovely and sweet to watch her! she is still beautiful for me eunjung looks gorgeous just like always!
  17. I would like to see them as well No surprise if it was really crowded there, they're the hottest stars now
  18. that was so funny, buying snacks for the police is a little cute considering when she was still young
  19. Congrats Eunjung! So proud of you goodwill ambassador added to her list of achievements B)
  20. i like both iu n jiyeon Love Jiyeon + IU more and more, they're just so cute together
  21. thanks for share the pic... T-ara jjang... it seems like they wore orange outfit more often lately
  22. Yay can't wait to see this episode. Recently got into watching this show and I'm looking forward to it thank you so much for sharing those pictures
  23. it's look like the stage prepared just for them not the boxer LoL... but it's look like missing one of the member... where is jiyeon?? sad to see when they perform without full member
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