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  1. DAY by DAY is an allkill~ ♥

  2. DAY by DAY is an allkill~ ♥

  3. I'll miss dream high 2!! :(( Dream High 3 please be good and please come sooner! Don't make wait or I'll die. :((

  4. First Vid: Very great vocals. Thumbs up! >,< woot Second Vid: Effin' funky! Makes me want to dance with them too. :3 They were all so pretty and sexy at the same time. I just love their outfits. Suits them. More power T-ara! xoxo
  5. lovey lovey dovey uh uh uh~ #LSS

  6. lovey lovey dovey uh uh uh~ #LSS

  7. i hope it's only a rumor.. but i'll always welcome a new member. everyone has the right and chance. i just think that the lines and appearances of each member will decrease more if there will be 8 of them. they should just focus more giving equal parts for the members. Anyways, T-ara fighting! Good job on lovey dovey comeback. Daebak! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  8. oooh~ oooh~ jinagagetji! :3

  9. Overheard: Person in real life: I love you Me: K Celebrity: I love my fans Me: I am a fan, omg. I am a... http://t.co/KZzEJjYW

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