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  1. wow~~ eunjung looks awesome...haha Pure and lovely... The others also... love them all
  2. first thing it that they looks gorgeous... Second thing is that what's up with their name?? haha
  3. Wow~~ Jiyeon dress looks really nice.... And their performance outfit is totally cute~~
  4. Yah~~ Borom looks soooo cute and jiyeon as well...aigooo~~~ Melting right now.... All of them looks gorgeous~~
  5. Really??? Oh My God....I have not enough money for this already...what should i do~~~
  6. Oh my god~~~ Jiyeon eye blink blink so nice~~ All of them looks pretty, definitely will download it~~
  7. This is awesome by seeing them in the jap newspaper. But what it say in the article?
  8. Hi-5 dude, Running man is my favorite show as well...haha...Every episode of the show is very interesting huh? I think Kookie will scare of Jiyeon because of her cuteness
  9. Oh Man, i wan to watch this episode hardly.... It will be very interesting...haha Just seeing the picture already making me get excited~
  10. THEY are goegeous~~~ Did't they play that game also?? if yes then i will definitely play it...haha
  11. Ohh~~~ The first picture of Jiyeon looks like Yoo In Na The third picture---Dinosaur jiyeon apear...haha Just a joke... Jiyeon is totally gorgeous every time i see her (in Mv and show of course )
  12. Just admit it, Roly-poly is going to be in the top list of every chart~~ Because it is way too awesome and the Mv is catchy too~
  13. ya lo ya lo...i feel the same way as u....haha i think Epop will relize this soon
  14. Jiyeon is totally cute The second pic, i feel that hyomin looks like SNSD jessica. Do u guys feel the same way as me?
  15. Wow~~ Hyomin looks sexy and funny at the same time....hehe Haven't see her to be like this for a long time....haha remind me of IY~~~
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