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  1. kira92

    [AD/PROMO] Eunjung for Tony Moly Cosmetic (08/17)

    wow~~ eunjung looks awesome...haha Pure and lovely... The others also... love them all
  2. kira92

    [PICS] T-ara @ Monthly Music Bank Magazine (08/17)

    first thing it that they looks gorgeous... Second thing is that what's up with their name?? haha
  3. Wow~~ Jiyeon dress looks really nice.... And their performance outfit is totally cute~~
  4. Yah~~ Borom looks soooo cute and jiyeon as well...aigooo~~~ Melting right now.... All of them looks gorgeous~~
  5. Really??? Oh My God....I have not enough money for this already...what should i do~~~
  6. Oh my god~~~ Jiyeon eye blink blink so nice~~ All of them looks pretty, definitely will download it~~
  7. This is awesome by seeing them in the jap newspaper. But what it say in the article?
  8. kira92

    [CAPS] Jiyeon @ SBS Running Man Ep55 (08/07)

    Hi-5 dude, Running man is my favorite show as well...haha...Every episode of the show is very interesting huh? I think Kookie will scare of Jiyeon because of her cuteness
  9. kira92

    [CAPS] Jiyeon @ SBS Running Man Ep55 (08/07)

    Oh Man, i wan to watch this episode hardly.... It will be very interesting...haha Just seeing the picture already making me get excited~
  10. THEY are goegeous~~~ Did't they play that game also?? if yes then i will definitely play it...haha
  11. kira92

    [CAPS] Jiyeon in "Shake it up" MV - Seo In Guk (08/10)

    Ohh~~~ The first picture of Jiyeon looks like Yoo In Na The third picture---Dinosaur jiyeon apear...haha Just a joke... Jiyeon is totally gorgeous every time i see her (in Mv and show of course )
  12. Just admit it, Roly-poly is going to be in the top list of every chart~~ Because it is way too awesome and the Mv is catchy too~
  13. ya lo ya lo...i feel the same way as u....haha i think Epop will relize this soon
  14. kira92

    [AD/PROMO] More pics from Iriver (08/10)

    Jiyeon is totally cute The second pic, i feel that hyomin looks like SNSD jessica. Do u guys feel the same way as me?
  15. Wow~~ Hyomin looks sexy and funny at the same time....hehe Haven't see her to be like this for a long time....haha remind me of IY~~~
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