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  1. Can't wait for their comeback, especially when they'll all have a solo!! Though i gotta say i would like it even more if it was in korean. Still, Jpop is fine!
  2. This is probably KKS trying to salvage the situation after judging everybody's reaction. But what's done have been done and fans might not be able to look at T-ara the same as before. Bad move, KKS, bad move. All of it, and real stupid too.
  3. Right now i want to quote Jet's "Look what you've done"'s lyrics to KKS. Oh, look what you've done You've made a fool of everyone. Oh, well, it seems like such fun Until you lose what you had won. Oh,look what you've done You've made a fool of everyone A fool of everyone A fool of everyone Though it'd be too kind to sing any song to him.
  4. Are there any eye witness here on Diadem who saw this? I honestly don't believe any word from the company anymore. Unless someone confirms this, I will choose to believe the T-ara girls are victims of KKS.
  5. This is crap. My heart sank after reading the headlines. I've grown to like Hwayoung after so long and now she's booted. Especially recently, after day by day. Feedback? What feedback!?! They didn't even give a reason!!! I feel disappointed and crushed. Why is this even happening... I can't believe it and I don't want to. Now I'll have mixed feelings listening to their songs. Could this be related to the wardrobe malfunction awhile back? Was it on purpose? To make Hwayoung leave so areum and dani has more lines to rap. If so then I'm speechless. This is a bad day for QUEEN'S who've been supporting T-ara since 7-ara... I'm... Sad... For Hwayoung... What am I supposed to be feeling for the other 6 members.
  6. Thanks for replying me. I pray that this incodent is as what they said and their twitter accounts got hacked. Though Hwayoung's tweets are proving otherwise. It would be so sad to see this happenning among themselves. Sigh~ We can only wait till the 30th and hope everything's fine. T-ara please stay together happily.
  7. Like the other members I'm feeling worried about this. Sincerely hope it isn't bad news. But some members insulting Hwayoung!? Who and why!?!
  8. My eyes saw Eunjung with long hair right? Oh it's been so long! Plus the piano being my favorite instrument... Looking forward to this drama!!
  9. I want to see a drama with EunJung and JangWoo as the main lead. That'd be great!
  10. This is such a kick-ass concept. Their outfit is totally my type No saying who's better here, they are all great!!
  11. Lovely photos!! I WANT THIS PHOTOBOOK!!! I think its my favorite photo set of T-ara. Will miss 7-ara
  12. A pity not all members acted in the MV. Would definitely love to see that!
  13. Perhaps it won't be that bad considering that there are only 8 episodes. But promoting new songs while acting is gonna be a killer. Sigh Would definitely love to see her act in a longer and less-pressurizing drama. Stay strong Hyomin!!
  14. Whoa! Whoa! The girls look so fine here. Ah... Hyomin ah... Will there be a download link for these? They are really great!
  15. I don't know how to react to this. First I don't agree with the addition of the members and now this. In my opinion, this is bull and that kks is toying around with the girls. Very saddening... 7-ara
  16. Love the second group picture!! Seeing the girls in so many different outfits :lol: Now if only they came out with a song for this ad like Log-in...!
  17. This is definitely cute. Love candid videos/photos of T-ara
  18. Lovely pictures. I appreciate the share but will it be available for download?
  19. Wahaha i like both videos!! Would love to see more of Eunjung's acting and if possible Hyomin too! And perhaps go to their solo concert. Dream come true.
  20. To think "Gang Kids" would win... Honestly? I really really would like to get my hands on a copy. Hope they sell it after some time.
  21. Wahhh love the pics! Hope they include it in the upcoming photo book, more reasons to buy it!
  22. Wahaaa Hyomin in a wedding dress~~ To see it real would be a dream come true. Those lucky people there...!!
  23. This post certainly got many of us thinking. Hope it's all good for those girls + Soyeon.
  24. These pics are great alright! More than great I'd say!! Haha thanks for providing the pics
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