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  1. I thought this CF was interesting, i wish there was more interaction between Jiyeon and Song Joongki.
  2. Yea, me too! I feel like there is going to be a love square jb still likes jiyeon, jiyeon crushing on jinwoon character (from seeing pictures of Jinwoon hugging Jiyeon), jinwoon to kang sora, and sora admires jb. I really don't mind which Jiyeon goes with, but I feel like Jiyeon singing with Jinwoon and the others, she finally found her place and comfort. That's just my opinion. But it's great to see/listen to more of Jiyeon's singing in the show. Hope to see more of her singing! Thanks for uploading this/finding it!
  3. Me Too! I love Jiyeon's voice. I hope they put this song in the ost. You don't offen get to hear Jiyeon's voice that often in T-ara's song which are more upbeat. Jiyeon and ballad songs are the best!
  4. i thought the mv part 2 was suppose to be a 22 min drama? Am I wrong? Still a good mv, at first i wasn't sure about lovely dovely, but it gets really catchy when it's up beat!
  5. Congrats to jiyeon! I hope she can get more awards next year too! Hope to see more adorable side of her next year in her shows.
  6. no, i also got that too, it's the video. It was funny.
  7. It's looks interesting, it has a slow start to the first episode. But I don't understand the concept of the show. I get they are looking for pretty boys by doing various performances and tasks. Are they going to run a pet shop together with pretty boys? Love Jiyeon, her partner and Jiyeon should of won the couple dance, and I'm gald that the guy that Hwayoung's partner was still able to show his couple dance. it would of been really powerful.
  8. I'm really liking alot about T-ara. They are awesome! Saw a little bit of Jiyeon b-girl(b-boy) move with her slide with the male dancers. I love how sharp and clean the dance is going to be on friday. The little tango or dance was really interesting too. Go T-ARA!!!
  9. Thanks for keeping us updated, I really can't wait to see the dance and ballad mv versions of cry cry. T-ara Fighting!
  10. By far the best song this fall! T-ara is going to make a run for it, against all the girl groups. T-ara Fighting, with great artistry and music they have to win some awards.
  11. Amazing, can't wait to wait the full mv. The song Cry Cry sounds really powerful.
  12. No, matter what, Jiyeon is really pretty. and really want to see her in a different type of show rather than school drama/life.
  13. Jiyeon looks really cute in these pictures. They know that Jiyeon can sell really well, i really want to get one now.
  14. This looks really intesting, Thanks for showing this. hope to see more of T-ara soon.
  15. COngrats! T-ara i hope you do well in Japan and hope to see more of the members in shows and movies soon!
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