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  1. KKS wants to have 9 members to match SNSD. I can forsee some SONES gg to come down hard on our girls....creating trouble out of nothing...dumb KKS...but I'm glad that no one is leaving and hope the 2 new members can blend in...keeping my fingers crossed that things will juz work out fine...
  2. KKS is stupid....cannot imagine he is making such statements....poor T-ara....Hwaiting!
  3. Y is he adding 2 more members to "improve" T-ara singing? He is not even giving a chance to members like Boram, Qri. Look at the recent songs that T-ara has? Boram has hardly any lines and Qri and Eunjung slightly better. Is there a need for 2 more members?? I doubt so....
  4. I hope it will still be lucky 7 after 7th April.....T-ara Fighting!!
  5. I'm starting to miss Roly Poly already....T-ara hwaiting!!!.....Looking forward to your next comeback...
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