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  1. i wanna dance and jump right now so.. st please?! hahaha enough for cute and sexy session at this time. and just gimme T-ara's fierce side on stage. Party Rock yea?! rap rap rap~ but for good, both of song pleaseeeee!! T-ara is back
  2. YES!!!!! this is what i want!!! not trap in sexyyyyyy image again and again!! *psh sajangnim they're become chic and cool but still sexy in the way~ hohoho i can't wait for sure!!!! i hope this music can give me surprise as same as i knw they will use EDM genre! this is 2014! oh! c'mon CCM give us something new and make it BOOM!
  3. so they will go to japan?! i want to see them perform with pirates concept!!! gonna be awesome!!
  4. well, it's a surprise to know T-ara N4 got call from Chris Brown yes, i dun't like his reputation after his violently to Rihanna, but hey.. Chris Brown and T-ara N4 meet up for music talk.. this is get me interest cuz T-ara get a chance to U.S and sharing and talking abt music! this is a new experience for them! i'm waiting their best plan for their great music! hope everything goes well!!
  5. they're really work hard!!! proud to our girls ㅠ ㅠ and their eye bags ㅠ ㅠ must be tired.. but they're still energetic, pretty and cute after all T-ara N4 fighting!!!! <3 i can't wait for tmr ^o^ T-ara N4 Go Go Go! #티아라N4 #전원일기
  6. OMG!!! Thank you for sharing us!! T-ara so gorgeous!!! and MC Jiyeon!!! i need MC cut for this!!
  7. OMG!!!! jiyeon looks like adorable cute!!! with no make up! love to see her shock expression haha... and SPEED so WOW from close
  8. well.. i hope all the BEST for T-ara and 5dolls.. since all of tragedy.. i will open mind accept them to join-in' right for Dani to T-ara, also Nayeon.. yup this is gonna bring fresh image for early comeback in 2013.. but i won't forget the MAIN Queens still soyeon, jiyeon, hyomin, boram, Qri and eunjung.. areum did well so far.. and she also got many fans..and accept her.. i hope Dani too.. until she fused and be a part of T-ara completely.
  9. already love with ver B!!! but i want ver C so badly!! >.< yeah after PTB, Best of Best... i dun't know how to spend my money anymore T__T you make me broke KKS. . .
  10. T-Barbie!!!!! wawawawawa full of cutenessssss Awesome beautiful!!
  11. waw!!!!! crazy awesome!!1 that's way, last night i could access after one hour released >.< arghhhh!!! but it's okay!! after all i can saw my girls back!!! Love it Love it Love it
  12. so excited!!!! this midnight KST will be crazy!!!! love it love it love it!! all 4?!!! YESSSS PLEASEEE!!! i hope KKS not make any troll this night.. >.< b'cuz i have already prepare drinks and foods for party! :DD T-ara is comback!!!!!!!
  13. OMO!!! Sexy T-ara comeback!!! SUPER CUTE Robotic T-ara!!! P.S. Sexy Love so addicted!!! like T-ara ^^
  14. Yesss!!! ma girls finally comeback!!! whadt a beutiful monday waw!!! i like Qri's leadeh hairstyle!!! makes her look more confident and strong!! so cute!! i dunno what exactly meaning from 7ST.. maybe 7 Sexy love & T-ara?!! i hate ppl who make laugh abt T-ara's comeback.. hope our girls strong enough to give their best and keep cool from jealousy and hater of other fandom T-Ara ftw!
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