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    aralle2 reacted to craZy in [16.02.05] Hyomin composed 2 tracks for solo comeback, worked with Beast's Junhyung and producer Ryan S. Jhun   
    Hyomin has been revealed to be working with Ryan S. Jhun, producer for EXO, Red Velvet, Shinee and many others.
    MBK Entertainment revealed, "Hyomin is preparing to make a solo comeback in March. She is producing her album with Ryan S. Jhun who has previously EXO's Love Me Right, Red Velvet's Dumb Dumb and Shinee's View."
    The director of Hyomin's solo music video will be Lee Ki Baek, known for G Dragon’s A Boy, EPIK HIGH’s Map The Soul,  ZICO’s Boys and Girls, and many other artists such as GD&TOP, Gary, Lee Hyori, Park Jae Bum, etc.
    Hyomin personally worked with her music producer, MV director, stylists and photographer for this solo comeback. The album will also consist of 2 songs composed by Hyomin. Beast's Junhyung was the lyricist of one of the songs.
    Source: XSportsNews
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    aralle2 reacted to ily_shannon in [IG] DJ Ferry Instagram Update (09/16)   
    [iG] DJ Ferry Instagram Update (09/16)

    Listen to T-ara's Number 9 Ferry Remix Here:
    Credit: djferry78 @ Instagram + ily_ahreum + tiaradiadem
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    aralle2 reacted to Dinorawwrs in [SPAZZ] T-ara - SugarFree Analysis   
    Once again, T-ara is collaborating with the almighty Shinsadong Tiger to produce another hit songs to save Kpop \0/  So as usual, using their prime weapon, which is their music, T-ara will be releasing a song with “Big Room / EDM” genre in which when it is first heard, it isn’t a really good idea because in a typical clubbing music, almost 80% of the song will be pure sound and adding vocal or singing while the music drops isn’t really that appealing.
    Other than that, this time, CCM is not planning to attract potential older fans (eg, Roly Poly,Lovey Dovey, Do you Know Me) and instead, they are probably attracting EDM musicians and youth of similar interests. I can assume that this song serves to make a transition of mixing EDM and Kpop world together and SugarFree will be one of the examples.  
    Anticipate SugarFree remixes everywhere from now on~
    Music analysis (EDM edit)
    SugarFree PROVES that it is possible to make a song out of a club song. 
    In the first part of the music, it’s the usual T-ara beat ( Or farting sound or so they call it ), and right after that, the Big Room beats comes in almost immediately which is quite interesting because in most of the kpop songs and even typical EDMs, they usually have some transition like for example snares and even a build-up but instead, it immediately transits to a Big Room sound. Though it seems awkward, but it really gives the “BOOM” or the hype factor to the music, every person who is listening to SugarFree for the first time will know what I’m talking about.
    Right after the big room transition, there goes the build-up. The build-up can be heard in a typical EDM music and adding some raps makes us anticipating the drop badly.
    As for the drop, I really like it!  It is like a mix of Sexy Love + Number 9, and has a Lovey Dovey feeling to it.
    Right after the epic drop, here is what I find interesting. It really feels like a different song now, which turns off some people. Maybe this is the part where it tells a story ( In most Kpop music, CMIIW , changes their tempo and tone to portray feelings and meaning towards the story of the music, more on that in MV analysis).
    Chorus part, one of the best parts in the song. I like the huge snare sound just before the chorus because it really gives the song more energy and it is really complementing the song. Other than that, it really gives the T-ara feeling to it although the music genre itself is conquering the whole song.
    Vocal wise, Soyeon really sings differently now and I kind of like this style of her singing. Qri and Boram singing exchangably really gives the song more in depth flavor to it. Their voices do complement each other ^^ As for EunMinYeon, I would say that their rap is so **** epic!
    MV & Lyrics review ( + POV)
    We can’t deny the fact that CCM ALWAYS released a seizure-inducing music videos. Also, other than CCM being the most annoying troller ever, they always come up with some messages or stories with a very subtle but often deep meaning to it if reviewed properly.
    Visual & Background
    So our ability to watch every frame changing every 0.000001 nano second are tested in this MV. Many people including myself are very annoyed with the excessive and unnecessary flashes in the video >< But then again, it is supposed to portray a clubbing scene so I wouldn’t complain. And it is interesting that the dancing scenes are interchanged by dark and colorful background. ( Will explain further in the lyrics review). Also not to mention those stares that can slay the whole humanity in one look >< as well as squishy, refined and toned chocolate abs @.@

    Costume / Outfit
    I don’t see why they complain the outfits I quite like it. I know different people have different taste but I don’t see why many people criticize the outfit that much -.- Freestyle costume and the tight race suit costumes are really hot I can even…

    I really like when Jiyeon is being aggressive and point directions at the start of the video. It gives the “ARE YOU PREPARED FOR THIS” feeling to it.
    I also feel that the random dancing part during the music drop really is necessary as it gives us, the viewers a sense of belonging with the music. You know what I mean, when you first heard the drop, you dance your butt out XD and the random dancing serves as to connect the viewers with them~
    The chorus dance part is the one I find very interesting. When we already hear the big drop at the start, and we dance “together” with them, you kind of wanting more of the music drop and anticipating the highlight of the dance.
    But as soon as the chorus drops, the dance are such that it is really simple and slow/restricting. Whenever we hear the epic chorus,  we tend to want to dance the living soul out of us. But then the dance is quite ‘introverted’ and this is where I can sense what CCM is doing here.
    If we were to follow the dance, you find it not enough and empty, but then your body wants to move about more to the music. It is this element of wanting more and more as we hear/watch the music video that makes it so addictive. It is a psychology effect ( Cant remember what that was >< )
    Also with added anticipation and adrenaline inside the our body, waiting for another big drop, there comes Hyomin’s rap part. I find this part the best because you are already connected with the music from the start, you are craving for the music and this part is to serve as to concentrate the effect more by giving the “Pump it up” and “Wait, THERE’S MORE??” feeling to it and ends the song with the last chorus which is to satisfy the viewers/listeners craving for the music
    All and all it is very addictive and you can’t help it but to want more!!!
    Point of view
    Yes as we all see from the comments or even Korean websites, I do agree to a small extent that SugarFree has many similar tunes in some EDM music and also some parts form Sistar. But does that mean that they are plagiarizing other groups or people’s music.
    SugarFree Big Room Tune: Similar to Dvbbs 'Tsunami' and DJ Felix 'Give Me Body'

    Hyomin/Jiyeon raping part : Sistar's Touch my body  ( @ 1:52 )

    Album Cover: Similar to Justice's cross.

    Rebuttal: As pointed out by Kekeru88,  
    “That is not plagiarism, there is a thing called homage: homage is a show or demonstration of respect or dedication to someone or something. The term is often used in the arts for where one author or artist shows respect to another by allusion or imitation. In music homage can take the form of a composition, a tribute album or of a sample.”
    Also, the real album cover is not the one that has cross anyways so why bother?

    *Lyrics review will be up soon! Meantime, please do support T-ara by any means ^^ Hwaiting Queen’s
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    aralle2 reacted to Soyeony in [14.09.06] Soyeon, Eunjung and Jiyeon's interview with Ilgan Sport Newspaper; ‘obscure position’, T-ara's growth and more   
    The girls are so strong. It's beyond me how they cope with so much hate and still be able to smile. Now i know some of you would probably say "Singers always have haters/ It's their profession bla bla bla" but T-ara's hate is just on another level, you can't simply compare it with another artist. To me they have shown the true definition of the word "strong".
    P.S: The hate they receive is now just laughable to be honest. It has been 3 years and K-netizens, yes, the keyboard warriors are still hating on them. I find it so ironic that they hate/accuse T-ara of bullying, yet they go on the internet and do the same thing that they accuse T-ara of, if not worse. The worst kind of bullies are the bullies that think their actions are justified, disgusting..
    On the bright side people are starting to realize how horrible and out of hand the hate has gotten from K-netizens that they are even starting to stand up for T-ara, which as a fan i'm happy about. I've been going through sites that translates Netizen's comments and most of them are pretty positive. On sites like Netizen buzz which focuses only on hate, International fans in general from variety of fanbases stand up for T-ara against the hate from K-netizens, which only adds up to the fact that the hate they have been getting for the past 3 years is not taken seriously by anyone with common sense anymore.
    So the girls don't have to worry about anything, people are slowly starting to realize what they are doing.
    I can't wait to see them back on stage again.
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    aralle2 reacted to sayruq in [14.09.06] Soyeon, Eunjung and Jiyeon's interview with Ilgan Sport Newspaper; ‘obscure position’, T-ara's growth and more   
    They honestly inspire me so much which is why I haven't gotten bored of them like I have other groups. You guys are worth more than all those people who try to hurt you, so much more
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    aralle2 reacted to craZy in Portal x Forum Integration: Use your forum account to log in!   
    4 months into the launch of Diadem's portal website, we're proud and grateful for it's prosperity and your support. We've now included a feature to make things a bit more convenient for our forum members.

    We have now successfully integrated our portal site and the forums. That means you can now log in, comment and post (limited to author/contributors) with your own forum account!

    Visit this link to log into the portal*. You can find this same link in the comments section below in any article. Input your forum details and you're in!

    Additionally,articles on the portal and forum are now synced, meaning your comments/posts are as well (leave a comment here and see the respective article on the portal!)

    If you don't have an account with us, you can still use your SNS (Twitter, Facebook and Blogger) to sign in. But why not make an account? If you register on Diadem, you get access to an array of video downloads (raw and subbed), a huge collection of photos and get to meet a wonderful community of Queen's! So what are you waiting for?

    * We will work on adding a more convenient to reach log in link on the front page.
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    aralle2 reacted to Loveisallthesame in [FANTAKEN] T-ara Tomorrow Perform Message (19/07)   
    T-ara will perform at a water park tomorrow, i heard so

    Cre: tiara fanbase twitter + loveisallthesame + Diadem

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    aralle2 reacted to randall in [PICS] Soyeon signing   
    [PICS] Soyeon signing

    "今日の1枚!!" (Today's one sheet)
    Today's one sheet is this

    Yesterday、5/27 was QBS's first event

    In the middle of member sign

    ※Translation not 100% correct!
    ※The earlier title of "[PICS/OFFICIAL] Soyeon shooting for QBS's "Kaze no You ni" music video" has been corrected!! (It's not from there)
    Credit: http://ameblo.jp/t-ara777/page-2.html#main
    (Rough) translation by: randall @ tiaradiadem.com
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    aralle2 reacted to kkyc222 in [13.05.20] T-ara N4 Announces Plans to Enter the US Market   
    [13.05.20] T-ara N4 announces plans to enter the US market

    On the afternoon of May 20th, T-ara N4 held a press conference about its plans to enter the US market at Seoul Imperial Palace Hotel. Members Eunjung, Hyomin, Jiyeon and Areum attended the press conference and expressed their aspirations for their future in the US.
    On the afternoon of May 20th, T-ara N4 held a press conference about its plans to enter the US market at Seoul Imperial Palace Hotel. Members Eunjung, Hyomin, Jiyeon and Areum attended the press conference and expressed their aspirations for their future in the US.
    On May 12th, on invitation from well-known American artist Chris Brown, T-ara N4 traveled to the US for 5 days 4 nights. Member Eunjung expressed, "Although we received an invitation from Chris Brown, we still wondered whether we would really meet him. We were very excited. He was very welcoming and treated us well, we are thankful for that. We also discussed music and production plans. There were many good things that we had never even imagined before."
    Eunjung added that the following day, T-ara N4 received any invitation from Youtube channel network company “Freestyle,” and the members visited the company about the possibility of a T-ara Channel. Footwear brand “Vlado”, famous among hiphop dancers, also extended an invitation to T-ara N4. “More fans that we had expected came and so we held a fansign for a few hours. Vlado also proposed to make custom shoes with the T-ara N4 logo. Singer Ray J spoke about us on twitter and so we had the chance to meet and discuss music with famous producer team "1500 or Nothin."
    The members said "We had a successful meeting through a good opportunity and was able to discuss our plans to enter the US market. After meeting with Chris Brown, we also met with a lot of good opportunities. We are very lucky. We feel a lot of pressure on our shoulders and will work even harder in the future. About our trip to the US, the other members asked us when we will return to Korea and said we still haven't watched Iron Man 3 together."
    Hyomin revealed that a remake of "Jeonwon Diary" will be released in 5 versions and the rap parts currently done by SPEED’s Taewoon will be done by Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, T-Pain, Ray J and Chris Brown. The song is scheduled to be released in June in the US and also worldwide at the same. Eunjung added, "We will sing our parts in Korean, and the rap parts by the other artists will be in English."
    Jiyeon also revealed, "We will be leaving for the US on the 25th to perform the opening stage for Chris Brown's solo concert in Las Vegas. We are very nervous but we want to show our good side in our first performance in the US."
    Areum added that they are planning to attend the BET Awards with Chris Brown on June 30th. "Although it still feels surreal, we are very happy."
    Asked about the backstory to the meeting with Chris Brown, Eunjung said, “There really is no special backstory. T-ara trainee Dani attended Chris Brown's concert, and told him about T-ara and “Jeonwon Diary.” After watching our MV, Chris Brown really liked the song and asked whether he can see us directly. We suddenly went to the US in the midst of our promotions.”
    Hyomin, “Many parts actually happened spontaneously. We visitied Chris Brown’s MV set, and we suddenly received an invitation to cameo in his MV. But because our hair and makeup etc had not been prepared, we regretfully couldn’t appear in his MV. Just like this, many things actually happened without plan, and we are also looking forward to see what will happen when we visit Las Vegas this time.”
    Eunjung: "Before our debut, we felt that we would already be lucky if we could gain popularity domestically." "Because of the popularity of K-pop, we naturally started our Japan activities like other K-Pop singers. Our US activities also happened like this and started really suddenly. From now on, we will prepare accordingly regarding music and language.”
    The Director of CCM's overseas marketing team Lee Jintaek revealed that T-ara N4 has signed a contract with Empire Records (a subsidiary of Universal Recrods) for the re-release of “Jeonwon Diary”.
    He said of the good results from T-ara N4's US trip, "T-ara N4 received a lot of attention and love in the US. In particular, they met with Chris Brown and many other producers and received good appraisals from them."
    The reporters asked whether this focus on the overseas activities was to avoid the negative response from the public after the Hwayoung controversy last year. About this, Eunjung said "We felt that an opportunity like this is rar, other than our sudden plans to go to the US, our other schedules will still proceed according to plan. Other than T-ara N4, the rest of the members will also be continuing their Japan sub-unit activities. They will be filming for their MV next week in Japan."
    Eunjung added that, "We think that what we will demonstrate and show to everyone in the future is the most important. Whether on stage or somewhere else, we will demonstrate our genuine, honest, prudent and good appearance, so please anticipate our future activities and give us a lot of support. K-pop has received a lot of attention, not only from the US but also from other countries, so we feel a sense of responsibility to work hard and carefully in the future.”
    Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20130521n17113
    Translated by: kkyc222 @ tiaradiadem, mostly based translations by TCN.
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    aralle2 reacted to craZy in [TUTORIAL] How to Vote for T-ara on Music Shows   
    Music Core

    Real Time/SMS Voting

    Show! Champion


    Rate/Like/Stream (MelOn)

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    aralle2 reacted to nathaniel in [13.04.30] T-ara's "Rural Life" reaches 1 million views and it's composer explains the lyrics   
    [13.04.30] T-ara's "Rural Life" reaches 1 million views and it's composer explains the lyrics

    T-ara N4's "Rural Life" has reached over 1 million viewers.

    Despite being released yesterday, T-ara N4's "Rural Life" has reached nearly 1 million hits on combined sites like YouTube, etc.

    There was a large amount of interest before the release because of Double Sidekick and the other famous cast members in the music video including Choi Bulam, Kim Soomi, Kim Wansun, Heo Gyeonyoung, Yang Junhyeok, Jeon Guntaek and Kang Minkyung.

    The song has created so much attention throughout various major video sites that it's already reached 10 million views in only one day with the combined versions of the dance and drama. The reaction with overseas fans has also been more than expected.

    Controversy rose over T-ara's lyrics and the "To the Rural Life" section. Double Sidekick explained what "To the Rural Life" means.

    It means to escape the day-to-day life in the city to the "Rural Life" in reference to the MBC drama. The drama "Rural Life" is symbolic with family, friends and happy emotions.

    The "To the Rural Life" is referring to the drama and is aimed towards older generations .

    Meanwhile, T-ara N4 has been topping real-time charts since their song release.
    Source: http://m.media.daum.net/entertain/enews/view?newsid=20130430121906593
    Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem
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    aralle2 reacted to jknlet in [12.08.29] Actress Kim Hye Eun "Soyeon staying on Haeundae Lovers, please applaud!"   
    i´m happy there are still some adult with a brain in Korea.
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    aralle2 reacted to kkyc222 in [12.08.23] Translation - A PD's tweet in support of Eunjung   
    김태연 ‏@tykimlaw
    드라마제작사에게 제작협찬이나 PPL이 중요한 사안임에는 틀림없지만 그것때문에 작품의 기획의도를 왜곡해서는 안된다. 한작품으로 대박을 노리는 건 어리석은 거다..천남은 제작협찬이 제로지만 ㅠ 난 포기하지 않는다. 돈은 더 열심히 할때 벌어지는 것이다.
    "To drama producers, issues of production sponsorship, PPL etc are no doubt important, but to tamper with the drama's plan for these issues is not the way. A production that succeeds relying on despicable things, is very muddled. Although the production sponsorship for The Thousandth Man is zero ㅠ I will not give up. Money is something that you will have when you work harder."
    T/N: This is a producer (also CEO I think) at Chorok Stars, a production company that produced Vampire Prosecutor and also Hyomin's The Thousandth Man
    Translated by @kckclalala via Chinese translations Ham Eunjung Baidu (@hameunjungbar)
    对于电视剧制作商来说,制作赞助啊、PPL这种问题毋庸置疑是重要的,但因此连作品的企划也篡改了是不行的。一部作品靠卑鄙的事而成功,很糊涂…千男的制作赞助虽然是零ㅠ 我不会放弃的。钱是更加努力就会有的。
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    aralle2 reacted to MissMelsGeneration in [12.08.23] KBS debating whether to air Eunjung and Jiyeon's cameo appearance in "Shut Up Family"   
    Im pissed...
    This controversy is slowly dragging their solo activities down...
    Those k-netizens are insane =.=
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    aralle2 reacted to t-araGO in [12.08.23] KBS debating whether to air Eunjung and Jiyeon's cameo appearance in "Shut Up Family"   
    T-ara has truly become outlaws in the K-pop world But that makes them that much cooler. T-ara Fighting!
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    aralle2 reacted to Rafielle in [12.08.23] KBS debating whether to air Eunjung and Jiyeon's cameo appearance in "Shut Up Family"   
    I just paid attention to K-pop in recent years only, so all of these blows towards T-ara made me realize how low K-entertainment can go...
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    aralle2 reacted to kuriya17 in [12.08.23] KBS debating whether to air Eunjung and Jiyeon's cameo appearance in "Shut Up Family"   
    i really hate what's happening now to T-ara, especially to Eunjung... Eunjung being removed in advertisements, cancellation of WGM, five fingers... argh darn!
    Why the hell did this things need to happen!!!
    This issues might cause them to mentally breakdown...Omg i hope Our girls would stay strong...
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    aralle2 reacted to banene08 in [12.08.23] Ham Eunjung at home in seclusion with her mother   
    I think it is more better that Eunjung stay with her family, I know that her mother will comfort her than anybody else. Please be strong Ham Eunjung. We are here to comfort you. Sbs will face the consequences of they're decision. Fighting Ham Eunjung.
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    aralle2 reacted to HiroM4A in [12.08.24] Han Yeono, "Eunjung was threatened by the 'Five Fingers' PD"   
    What? Threaten?? Seriously??? He supposes to be a PD, not a gang member or sth right????
    If Eunjung is going to be back to this drama, removing this PD too.
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    aralle2 reacted to Regius in [12.08.02] T-ara to reach 150,000 fans in Japanese arena tour next year   
    I do hope T-ara could make a great comeback. And if their home soil won't accept them, then let the rest of world continue to embrace them (starting with Japan).
    Even celebrities known to be truly 'problematic', are given second chances (again and again), let's continue to support T-ara.
    T-ARA fighting!
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    aralle2 got a reaction from xserenax in [12.08.01] T-ara's concert postponed until the end of the year   
    good idea..
    ladies need time to reshuffle themselves after this case..
    hope they will bring new image and give fresh air for music industry and entertainment!
    waiting their best!
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    aralle2 got a reaction from deedeeduck in [12.08.01] Haeundae Lovers PD, "Soyeon is courteous and works hard"   
    feel glad after read this want! thank you for your post!
    i'm so tired with all bad news for them..
    stay positive, stay strong and support for T-ara!
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    aralle2 got a reaction from Dandelina in [12.08.01] Haeundae Lovers PD, "Soyeon is courteous and works hard"   
    feel glad after read this want! thank you for your post!
    i'm so tired with all bad news for them..
    stay positive, stay strong and support for T-ara!
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    aralle2 got a reaction from L in [12.08.01] Haeundae Lovers PD, "Soyeon is courteous and works hard"   
    feel glad after read this want! thank you for your post!
    i'm so tired with all bad news for them..
    stay positive, stay strong and support for T-ara!
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    aralle2 reacted to chelksea in [12.08.01] Haeundae Lovers PD, "Soyeon is courteous and works hard"   
    Atleast he believes in T-ara, not like those haters... the haters should learn from the grown ups
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