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  1. honestly didn't know eunjung has a 3rd degree blackbelt in taekwondo. that's uber awesome! can't wait to watch this show soon. thanks for sharing!
  2. eunjung & boram look so cute there thanks for sharing
  3. awesome! they're finally back from japan hyomin & jiyeon look really nice while eunjung stays true to her title of fashion terrorist lol thanks for sharing!
  4. ohmygoodness, jiyeonnn you're sooo pretty ;__; thank you so much for sharing these pics!
  5. nice wallpapers! they all look awesome. thank you for sharing~
  6. even though he's dressed like that, he's still lucky to be able to stand in a stage with t-ara ;_; & omg, the girls look amazing in their casual clothes akjdshakjsdf thanks for sharing!
  7. ^ agreed those white & blue outfits look really good on them. ahh, they look so amazing *_* t-ara fighting! can't wait for your comeback!
  8. they're still rocking those simple uniform outfits o/ too bad jiyeon's not here t-ara fighting
  9. love the cards! they all look so cute & pretty in those outfits~ :'D esp boram, soyeon, qri, & hyomin! lovely girls are lovelyyy. thanks so much for sharing!
  10. omigah sooo pretty! eunjungggg nice outfits, girls~ thanks for sharing
  11. omg they look really great! jiyeon & eunjung are so pretty~ <33 thanks for sharing!
  12. they all look amazing! i really like eunjung's short hair on her. she's rockin' it thank you for sharing~ double post. sorry~ D:
  13. they all look amazing! i really like eunjung's short hair on her. she's rockin' it thank you for sharing~
  14. cool photos! they still look amazing even in just simple white tees & jeans. t-ara hwaiting! thanks for sharing~
  15. so pretty! her eye makeup looks great. thanks for sharing!
  16. t-ara's roly poly is so fun to listen to & dance along with. i'm glad they've received much love & support for this. t-ara surely deserves it thank you for sharing!
  17. wow, i didn't know no minwoo's gonna be in this movie also o.o anyway, looking forward to hearing their ost! my ot3~ thanks for sharing!
  18. great to hear the fans' good response to roly poly. it really is a good song to dance to. thanks for sharing!
  19. congrats, t-ara! i'm sure they'll even do greater as their models again thanks for sharing~
  20. aww that's so nice of eunjung to help out BGH to even if she's got quite a busy sched on her own~ hope she takes care of herself well. eunjung hwaiting! \o/
  21. kyaa, they look good together! can't wait to watch them on wgm! they looked hilariously cute on the preview lol. thanks for sharing!
  22. aww, it's okay, 5dolls. you girls still have a lot of time to improve. just do your best in every stage performance & i'm sure you'll be recognized more soon ^^ thanks for sharing!
  23. wow, it's nice to see eunjung's "husband" is now finally revealed. i heard he's a member of 24/7. i don't know much abt him but i def can't wait to watch them on the show nonetheless! thanks for translating!
  24. yay! eunjung in wgm! can't wait to watch it! really looking forward to watching another side of her on this show! this should be fun~ thanks for translating!
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