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  1. Old Username: Miss Park New Username: Miss Park Link to any one of your posts: http://www.tiaradiadem.com/forums/topic/25942-pg-13-camera-off-on-hiatus/?p=437560 Donor: No Reputation Points: 120 Join Date: 01 April 2011
  2. 5 years guys~! you are all great so thanks for Diadem staffs for all the hard work and the indescribable love and support toward T-Ara. as i remember i joined here around 2010, i was a young girl who has a really big curiosity about T-Ara and here, in Diadem i got everything i wanted to know. beside all of it thanks for being so friendly lovely fun and creative, so happy to know Diadem, a bestfriend for T-Ara and Queen's around the world. once again... THANK YOU VERY MUCH DIADEM!! i still want to see you in 5 years later. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! ALWAYS GOOD LUCK DIADEM!!! i love you~
  3. i was having a hard time playing this game but i'm soooooo happy cuz this game is the cutest game i ever played XD finished it and i'm so proud!! i'm not a game addict i don't know kind of games so i can say this game is my favorite game XD diadem made me "play" a game "seriously" LOL all the dialogues in this game make me laugh so much~ will be so good if T-Ara know this game thanks to the creator!!! you guys DID THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!! Queen's are happy!!
  4. got the #hashtag suggestion yet? well i just read this post so how about..... #fun_tiaradiadem ? #with_tiaradiadem ? #tiaradiadems_time ? #hello_tiaradiadems ? #diadem_worldwide ? or you can remove all the " _ " or use "diadem" only (ex : "#hellotiaradiadems" / "#diademworldwide" ) that's my suggests
  5. the MC shouldn't recall that hurtful memory.... the MC should understand and be more sensitive about "sensitive" things... T-Ara not need to explain anything else about that scandal... what's over is just over... whether they explain it or not, do netizen want to listen their explanation? netizen just know how to hate, so what's the point of wasting their energy and tears to explain it? T-Ara girls are getting better now... they're trying to move on and take another new step with new strength with new look... and as Queen's let's we focus to support and love our girls in a good way... Hwayoung is Hwayoung now... i support her as "Ryu Hwayoung".... and wish she will find another best way for her career and life in future...
  6. "mend the hearts of million of fans" << geezzz -___- They still got so much love yoo~~~~ well, i'm excited^^ let's give a lot of support~
  7. omg... so many o,O Bunny Style is no joke >__< can't wait for it.. and i hope the girls can stay fine ~
  8. "nowadays, again listening to modern rock in the dawn, sounds so nice~"
  9. Miss Independent >< PERFECT!! MULTITALENTED!!! AMAZING!!! GODDESS!!! what else ?? FULL OF MIRACLES !!!!
  10. well... at first i also have a bad response to them.. but i think they aren't that bad.. i like Honey Honey... i also get mad to them when i read their statement that they want to surpass T-Ara.. but after i thinking back.. that's normal.. all of idols need to compete to be the best, it's really normal in the entertainment life.. note here, competing with a good way.. no war.. just peace.. a healthy competition.. moreover, seems like T-Ara have a good relationship with Gangkiz (jz see how close Sooeun and Hwayoung when they are in Europe, it's looks natural..) they also support Gangkiz.. so why we have to hate them ? now i'm supporting Gangkiz too jz like what T-Ara girls do... it's your right to don't liking them, it's okay.. but don't bashing... they also have their right to shining as idol...
  11. i''m dying oh God!!! Soyeon so abcdefghikjlmnopqrstuvwxyz123456789@#$%&*-+()!"':;/? HOT!!!!! can't wait for Lovey Dovey next version!!!
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