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  1. Wait, I thought they said that T-ara won't end even after parting ways with MBK. Although it's saddening, I understand that they probably want to pursue other interests and try to leave behind the stigma of the "T-ara" tag. Regardless, I will continue to support you guys!
  2. Frostyblizzard

    [CONTEST] T-ara 5th Anniversary SNS Album Giveaway

    WOW!~ T-ara has come such a long way. Happy 5th Anniversary T-ara!!! (The albums are so tempting >< gl to those who win )
  3. Frostyblizzard

    [CAPS] Jiyeon @ Dream High 2 ep 1 (01/30)

    They're costumes look like when they promoted "Why are you being like this" So looking forward to this drama!
  4. Frostyblizzard

    [PIC] Hyomin with Fu Xin Bo (01/24)

    Hyomin filmed WGM lunar year special? So many shows to watch >< lol
  5. Qri didn't get on it? =O Surprising! Also, congrats to Hyomin, Jiyeon, Eunjung and Soyeon!! My top 4 in T-ara haha. *The pic they chose for Soyeon wasn't the best of her* ><
  6. Frostyblizzard

    [PICS] Hyomin at Oeam Maul for Running Man recording (01/20)

    I wish they play a name-tag ripping game, I want to see Hyomin play that game xD I really can't wait for this episode! Gahh! I'm dying lmao
  7. Frostyblizzard

    [12.01.18] Video - T-ara Lovey Dovey MV TOKYO Ver

    YAY! lol I love lovey dovey, thanks for sharing it with everyone!
  8. Frostyblizzard

    [PICS] Hyomin films with SBS Running Man (01/16)

    Hyomin you took Monday boyfriend lol I wished you paired up with Jaesuk, but anyway, looking forward to this ep!
  9. Frostyblizzard

    [12.01.17] Quick News - Hyomin Guested in Running Man

    I finally waited for it! My fav variety show + my fav member in T-ara, my life is complete ^^ lol
  10. Thank you!! Love to see fan cams, I wish someone would sub this show after it is aired.
  11. Frostyblizzard

    [12.01.13] Video - Eunjung #5 on Idol Chart

    What's the topic this week? O.o Ahh, Eunjung so cute and pretty ^^
  12. Thanks for sharing. LOL at Jia's death stare at 1:23 to T-ara in the first vid.
  13. Wow, did you see their footwork during the chorus? It was 100% in sync!! Anyway, it's so cute how Hyomin and Jiyeon held hands at the end ^^
  14. Can't wait to watch ^^ Last time, T-ara showcased fantastic running skills (sarcastic), I hope they improved xD
  15. Happy New Year^^Don't worry,will inform you soon^^

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