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  1. wow soyeon's so pretty ! can't wait to see her back on stage
  2. anticipating for their comeback ! sounds like its gonan be successful
  3. that's so cool ! ahaha, glad to see the twins on the same program (:
  4. t-ara's gonna be so popular! advancing to japense market and having a korean comeback! this summer is going to be about them (:
  5. thats awesome! opening a coffee shop! maybe starbucks wont be my fav. anymore
  6. glad to see eunjung is seeing more and more of jang woo's charms ! haha C.C <33
  7. jiyeon is still looking so cute and pretty ! angelic D:
  8. grats to hyomin (: hope she doesn't suffer tho ! with jap promotions coming in and new album
  9. can't wait for their comeback ! its gonna be a awesome summer with t-ara on stage (:
  10. haha, it's so adorable watching these two! i love how jang woo said yeah, its encraved into him. ^^
  11. wow soyeon, she went through so many hardships. glad she's happy with her life now tho.
  12. that's how members relationship are. glad to see they're sharing their income
  13. oh husband! glad to see eunjung is acting as the wife already (: can't wait for the first ep!
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