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  1. happy bday sister diadem^O^ wish you all the best^O^

  2. hwayoung's blank face... lol everyone realize it.. LOL yeah Jiyeon always captured everyone's eyes for the first time... stunning and adorable.. love their colorful cover and pages..
  3. eunjung's eye bags she need more sleep & rest... cant wait to the rest image of other members. eps Jiyeon ><
  4. i hope their company thought T-ara's health rather than trying to earn more money... Jiyeon look so thinner now
  5. definetely Jiyeon is sooooooooo sexyyy... >< just wore long black dress and with a small gun in her hand could amaze me.... hot..hot..hot.. i her medium curly hair
  6. she still suitable with uniform outfit... LOL ^^ my pretty Jiyeon always look cute and pretty...
  7. what kind of CD is it? an album of T-ara??? yeah that outfit remains me of IGCBOY..
  8. seo in guk do the rught thing to make Jiyeon as his model at MV.. now, she become notice of many T-ara fans... soo lovely seeing Jiyeon in many boy's MV. maybe because of her cuteness and prettiness.. she grew up more more mature...
  9. though my bias is Jiyeon, but i think hyomin's style is soo adorable & fashionable... look at her hat & shoes.. but why Eunjung wore those pant and top? she look soo big with that outfit my jiyeon play save with black short dress, red blet and black shoes... but that elegant & nice... hope their promotion will be success...
  10. i want that pink one tooooooooo maybe because of t-ara, that mp3 player seems like more cute... LOL EunJiHyo
  11. pretty outfit.... jiyeooooonnnn so adorable with her long hair..... their stylish should make cute and and amazing concept costume like this!!! good job girllss^^
  12. love their outfit too... sail-girl, sooo cuteeeee >,< baby jiyeon is more stylish time after time.. good
  13. |cheap flea market? | I think their costume is awesomeee.. Colorful an eye~catching. Especially when they peform with old school uniform.. I dare, there's no girl group that have costume like that..
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