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  1. CANT WAIT!!! i bet it will be awesome! im pretty sure about that:DD
  2. free food! everyone would love that! how bout make the girls the CF i bet ti will be awesome
  3. she cute! i like her tooo though lol they have baby face look lucky them:(
  4. waaa been busy lately i was just informed about this:(( however i love them!
  5. daebak! she's beautiful:)) t-ara jjang diadem jjjang:)
  6. daebak! she's beautiful:) t-ara jjang! diadem jjang!:DD
  7. its good to see that they care bout each other:) :DD kyopta t-ara jjang diadem jjang:DD
  8. yeyyyy:) cant wait! im sure it will be a blast! t-ara jjang! diadem jjang!
  9. lol i guess shes bored. she look cute though:) i think because now they are more popular in japan so that the CEO makes them learn more seriously diadem jjang! t-ara jjang!:DD
  10. anticipating more teasers as their comeback date draws nearer! diadem jjang! t-ara jjang!:DD
  11. horomi! lol kyopta. sounds like an anime character . diadem jjang! t-ara jjang:D
  12. woahhh. that means uri girls are more successful now:) congrats girls! hwaiting! diadem jjang! t-ara jjang:D
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