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  1. way to go EunJung, sue those idiot and send a warning to similar idiots out on trolling the internet as well.
  2. watch the 1st two epi of the drama, with this news. GTH H.Lovers , u won't hav support fm Queens. Going to stop watching.
  3. just becoz of some "matured", annoying, irritating, disgusting, nothing better to do, dump, idiotic, uneducated korean haters
  4. screw the PD get Eunjung back in and get him out of the team ... OR NO support fm T-ara Queens. Its an Threat to that idiotic PD.
  5. at last some sensible korean came out to talk.... hwating T-ara
  6. those that ask for apology are the antis, they are just making use of the situation and blame everything on T-ara. True T-ara fans would not behave this way towards their idols.
  7. so stupid, wonder how are they going to communicate with the language barrier. Why can't MBC have Hyomin is the korean version, would be great.
  8. finally after soooooo long. Hope they release more infor soon. The 7 princesses will defintely be happy to hear this news.
  9. they are having so much fun in this MV version. This version is great.
  10. Lovey Dovey+Unique+Zombie+Best Work = Queen. Hwating our 7 Queens.
  11. Bug now on #1 also. wheeeeee all kill . T-ara Daekbak, now times for awards from the different music program. T-ara hwating.
  12. whooooohoooo, T-ara is the best, so talented, congrats hyomin hwating
  13. daebaek, T-ara + davichi is simply terrific. Jiyeon voice is so soothing....... i am drowning in it I am in luv with Soyeon voice as well Hwating T-ara / Davichi
  14. can search the song name+t-ara+davichi in dailymotion. sure can find. Just listen to it. Nice song. Don't need go youtube, coz everything have been taken down.
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