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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WcL-3O44Z0g I agree with you, just share someone who think they lipsyn by the link I just sent you
  2. hahaha, robot dance seem so fun, can't image how T-ara imitate the dance of robot on August.....totally exciting about it
  3. I want to listen to her vocal ......glad when she has strong vocal....
  4. you guy don't know it doesn't mean it's not popular, TTOMA = M.Chat= Grinning Yellow Cat, that cat was first appeared in France (not is the product of Korean) Here is the reference link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M._Chat , or http://parisdansmono...com/m-chat.html , hope you guys do more search to know about the Cat, and again, that cat is not THE PRODUCT OF KOREAN http://www.ttoma.tv/where.html yup, may be it's not popular as you guy expected but.....it appears in many countries around the world
  5. T-ARA is our QUEENS, and I am a QUEEN'S

  6. finally, their efforts is compensated suitable, best digital award, wow.......T-ara fighting!!^^
  7. cuối cùng cũng up được lên YT, có thể ad dịch k xác nghĩa vì ad chỉ dịch theo ý mình ---tlibj--- http://t.co/6Gn1TtaO

  8. đây có được xem là lịch sự k?? hehe, lần đâu tiên thấy cái tên T-ara trên zing, hài thiệt.....mà ngộ là Jiyeon... http://t.co/0DYdagCx

  9. vietsub We were in love on Inkigayo ---tlibj--- http://t.co/7bdCEgwr

  10. Tôi đã đăng tải ảnh mới lên Facebook http://t.co/agaf650C

  11. Leader nhà ta dễ thương quá :)) -jiy0 http://t.co/iIGszZx1

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