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  1. Nice going guys, i would eat the cake myself, if i could.
  2. I'm a Soyeon fan but i don't think Soyeon is in danger, i'd hate it if they kicked out Boram, she's still like a kid but slowly showing her gracefulness. If they said earlier that T-ara will be less into acting then maybe Eunjung might be considering her future. I'm not a big fan of Qri but she looks lovely every time. 8 members would be my limit.
  3. Happy birthday to you!!! May alllll your wishes come true!!! :D

    1. Fristlingdiadem


      Oh thank you a lot! I've not seen this before.

      Thanks again :)

  4. I like them so much and the pictures came out so well, they have some kind of matador vests? thanks for sharing.
  5. good signs for Tiara, they are getting wide recognition. hwaiting!
  6. i haven't commented here yet? shame on me. my favorite was the first one, absolutely. the whole set was well done, of course when it's Tiara.
  7. to be honest i've overdosed on hanboks! but i'm sure with Eunjung and Qri it becomes good. fighting *thumbs up*
  8. i'll be following this and keep my thumbs up for Soyeon!. hwaiting soyeon!!
  9. i. must. watch. SBS. heroes. naaow! my detective mission for sbs heroes will start now. must have to see Jiyeon!
  10. love it.. love it.. Love Jiyeon! I remember that guy from somewhere, i think it was Super junior?
  11. Great pictures! i am new to the newer members of the group so this photoshoot is very representative! thank you~~
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