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  1. XD nice..thank for sharing the picture, the picture have a nice color scheme and the angle look good hahaha
  2. oh really.......the dance has been very popular in other country this gonna rock the whole..cant wait for the release of the video.
  3. oh she starting in another drama, cant wait for the drama to be release. let hope her acting has improved.
  4. the song sound pretty nice and enjoying hahah cant wait for their remake and wondering what their dance will be like.
  5. being a singer at the same time acting is very tough, hyomin should focus on her singing aw..... hope she get better soon.
  6. the movie poster look quite scary, cant wait for the movie to come out so i can go and watch it. wanna check out hyomin acting.
  7. oh yah i heard abt the opening of online shopping mall .. good 2 know they makn a success.
  8. hahaha i tho they were realli crying -.-" got fool by the title
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